Teikoku Kingdom


Capital: Floating City of Hansen on Kaiyo
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State: Noshi Mitsu, Mikado (“Monarch”)
Legislature: Gikai (“The Parliament”)
Major Species: Human
Minor Species: n/a
Language: Nihongo
Religion: 79% Reformed Buddhist, 9% Tao-Shen, 5% Agnostic/Atheist, 3% Neo-Muslim, 2% Blue Catholic, 2% other

Teikoku is a region of space governed by a united military state of Nihongo-speaking colonies.


The Orochi Seiun, a nebulous star cluster in the Exodus Sector, was first settled by humans aboard the colony ship Kibo (“Hope”) in 2233. Primarily Japanese idealists and pacifists who followed the doctrines of Reformed Buddhism, they sought to escape military conscription on Earth.


Noble Titles are non-hereditary and are achieved via an aptitude and morality test. Those who accept this honor are also compelled to serve in the civil service. The Gikai is a small council of the twelve highest nobles in the colonies, the Oji and Ojo (Princes & Princesses), and the Mikado (who has two votes instead of one). The Mikado position is a life-time appointment of office with each Mikado selecting a successor approved by the Gikai.

Teikoku has been consistently dedicated to environmentalism. Consequently, their colony worlds are often in the form of a single arcology surrounded by an ever-expanding green zone. Whenever possible, nature is incorporated into their colonies and their impact on the environment is minimal.

Genetic engineering is expressly forbidden in Teikoku with exceptions made only in case of birth defects. The human body is considered sacred and to alter it radically would be to pollute that temple.


The Teikoku military may be small, but it is fierce. Advancement is always by group, not by individual.

Several Fleets of ships defend Teikoku Space. Fleet Henge is highly adaptable with ships such as the Nekomata, Kitsune, and Tanuki at their lead. Fleet Obake is far more defensive with the Kappa, Karakasa and Oni famously standing watch over colonies. Intelligence vessels such as the Yuki-onna have a sinister reputation.

Fleet Ayakashi is the salvage fleet.

Foreign Relations


Teikoku Kingdom

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