Homeworld: Ronata
Notable NPCs: n/a
Affiliations: Ronatan Hierarchy

The Ronatan are a humanoid species native to the jungle world of Ronata.


  • Bio-luminescent: Ronatan can emit light in a 30ft. radius. They can turn this off by growing dim as an Action. Alternatively, they can spend an Action to reduce this all the way down to a 5ft. radius.
  • Chameleon Skin: +10 on SUB to stealth when naked (same as the Mutation of the same name).
  • Earless: Ronatan take a -4 to all hearing-based checks.
  • Heat-Adapted: Ronatan gain an Aptitude to surviving in arid and hot conditions. They also gain a +4 bonus to resist damage from heat, radiation, or dehydration.
  • Independent Eye Pivot: Ronatan cannot be Flanked.
  • Nimble: Ronatan are lithe and dextrous. +2 Dex.
  • Ultraviolet Dependence: Lack of expose to ultraviolet light makes a ronatan sluggish, edgy, and sensitive at a rate of -1 Cha/hour. A ronatan brought to 0 Cha goes into a coma until he either dies of starvation or is exposed to ultraviolet light for an hour. They recover this damage at the same rate as they lose it.


Likely, the ronatan evolved from omnivorous scavengers. They evolved sapience, civilizations, and spread to every corner of their planet. Eventually, much of their world was conquered by a militant empire which took its expansionist doctrine to the stars.

The ronatan embarked into the stars as the Ronatan Hierarchy, preferring to conquer planets economically and socially rather than militarily. Though, their military was still formidable at its height. They incorporated new species into their hierarchy and segregated themselves into the role of merchants and robber-barons. When their empire went into decline, they sought to reinvigorate their empire by incorporating a new warrior caste into their ranks.

The ronatan made a fatal mistake when the Hierarchy incorporated the Kronite homeworld into their empire. The kronites rebelled against the Hierarchy’s machinations to incorporate them into their caste system. Kronites took over ronatan ships, facilities, and bases. They turned their new technology against their masters and the ronatan fought a bloody internal struggle against their would-be allies.


Human xeno-biologists theorized the ronatan bone structure, markings, and protrusions may have once helped them blend into their homeworld’s foliage and hide from predators. Their bio-luminescent skin can increase and decrease its luminosity as well as change its hue and tone with its surroundings. This process occurs subconsciously, but many ronatan have learned to consciously take control.


The ronatan once followed a strict caste system. This system has since broken down since the conquest of their empire, but many still hold to the old ways.

Caste Translation
Gond Academics, Scientists
Kenesk Merchants, Landholders
Polgar Commoners, Peasants, Servants
Voral Warriors, Kings
Zuen Outcasts, Heretics, Criminals, Outlaws

When they encountered other Species, they reinterpreted their caste system to include these new species. This reinvigorated the caste system, as they saw the other species as natural fits into stations that previously had had contention with others. Now, entire species would be assigned to a caste, with the ronatan envisioning themselves as the quintessential merchants and began focusing their entire species into the Kenesk caste.

To take advantage of their bio-luminescence, many wear mesh clothing to exploit this advantage, while others cover their bodies to only shine light from their face or chest, making for an effective directional light source.



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