ODIN Alliance


Capital: Ravenstvo, a Phoenix-class command ship.
Government: Military Alliance
Head of State: Chancellor Yuri Gorsko
Legislature: The Security Council
Major Species: Human
Minor Species: Alkonost, Domovoi, Kikimora, Leschi
Language: Russkiy
Religion: Varies

The Organization for the Defense of Interstellar Nations, shortened to ODIN or commonly the ODIN Alliance is a military alliance of Russkiy-speaking colonies and several alien colonies. The many colonies and megacorporations that comprise the Alliance contribute to the Security Council, but are entirely autonomous.


The members of the ODIN Alliance are entirely autonomous in matters of justice, legislature, economics, and civilian matters. However, the Alliance takes precedence over defense.

The Security Council


The ODIN Alliance traces its origins back to the Exodus colony ship, Gotovbost. The vessel had suffered damage from an attack by the colony ship Yongqi and its escorts. The Gotovbost carried on with its mission to find an inhabitable world, but were forced to resupply in the Dimste System. They began mining asteroids and harvesting ice to replenish their supplies, but without a compatible gas giant to restock on helium-3, they found their massive colony ship stranded. Rather than strand themselves on the local arctic world, they chose to disassemble their ship in order to construct habitats in the asteroids belts. As their scout ships found habitable worlds, small groups of colonists left the Dimste System.

The small number of colonists scattered across many star systems made management impossible for the original colony ship’s leadership. Instead, pacts of mutual trade and protection were forged, but all colonies were locally governed. The founding members were the colonies of Ognyena, the Dimste System, Ilya-Muromets and Njordur. The organization was little more than a political association until the Alliance-Leschi War galvanized the colonies into forming a cohesive military alliance.

When contact was reestablished with the Solar Commonwealth, the members of the Alliance resisted imposition of a new authority. The War of Commonwealth Aggression solidified the independence of the Alliance members from the Solar Commonwealth.

Foreign Relations


ODIN Alliance

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