Neo-Islam, also called the Second Islamic Movement, is a monotheistic religion popular in Human space. Given its emphasis on humanity, it has very few alien converts.


Many 21st century Muslims found themselves in a crisis of faith. Demons had been set among them and they had not been warned and did not know what to do. Amidst the chaos, Lestari, an Indonesian woman from Jakarta, was growing in popularity as a Mujaddid , a reformer of Islam who comes once every century to show people the great religious truths which the Muslim community will be asked to face. She penned the Neo-Quran, which includes reforms which explain the origin of the Aberrants and the future of Islam and a reconciliation between faith and science. Influenced heavily by the Bahá’í Faith, Neo-Islam grew to replace nearly all Sunni and Shiite Muslims by the 23rd century.


Based on the Neo-Quran — a holy book written by the Manifestation Lestari and believed to be inspired by Allah (“God”). It is a monotheistic religion, believing that there is one God, who exists not just in our universe, but in all realities (the Multiverse). Neo-Muslims pursue science as a means of understanding the universe, themselves, and God. The penultimate goal of the Faithful would be the discovery of other dimensions as the last great step in growing closer to God.


There is no priesthood, instead Imams are recognized as selfless individuals who adhere to the path most closely — leaders among the faithful, but with no standard or organization which bestows the title. Neo-muslim communities always have at least one House of Wisdom in which to meet, meditate together, share food, entertain each other, and consult with each other or an Imam. The House of Wisdom doubles as a library, school, and especially large ones perform research or double as observatories.

Manifestations of God

  • Abraham
  • Buddha
  • Jesus
  • Krishna
  • Moses
  • Muhammad
  • Baha’u’llah
  • Lestari


  • All humans are one family.
  • The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.
  • There is only One God, but God has many names.
  • All science and religion come from God.
  • God treats all humans as equal.
  • Do not form unkind beliefs about people without knowing them first.
  • Nations should learn from each other and co-operate.
  • Science and religion do not have to disagree.
  • Educate yourself, understand your neighbor, master yourself, rule over no one.


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