Homeworld: Hippolyta
Notable NPCs: Censor Vadwil Ishan, First Custodian Fuki Yukan
Affiliations: Mon Assembly

Mon, also known as the Hippolytan, are a Jump-capable humanoid Alien native to Hippolyta in the Erebus System.

Example Names: Ajitan Katai, Aku Hoh, Hara Siku, Hinish Hirib, Komo Go, Oshi Man, Oya Daman, Toyot Onda, Yasat Sunna.


  • Highly Evolved Brain: 6-dot Intelligence maximum.
  • Mon Silk: Mon can produce a strong strand of silk from their mouths in lieu of a normal attack which can be used as rope. They gain an automatic success on all dice pools related to climbing, can be used to tie up prisoners, or anything else reasonable.
  • Multilobed Brain: Resistant to psychic manipulation. All Telepathy attempts against the mon are at a +1 Difficulty.
  • Nocturnal: With the exception of true darkness, the mon are at no penalty while operating in low-light conditions.
  • Poor Hearing: All hearing-based checks are at a +1 Difficulty.
  • Sociable: Mon are used to getting along with others. 6-dot Charisma maximum.
  • Voracious: Must eat constantly. Every hour they go without food, the mon suffer a single box of unsoakable Bashing damage. They recover this damage an hour after they eat food.


The mon had been organized into hereditary kingdoms when they began their recorded history. These kingdoms traded and warred openly and frequently. While they were conquered and dispersed by nomadic barbarians several times, the old kingdoms would always reemerge. Tribes used to have facial tattoos and feathers from regional birds to delineate kinship, though this practice is nearly non-existent today. Collecting the heads of enemies was commonly practiced in wartime.

Over time, a global language and culture began to develop. Mostly enforced through the central government, the Mon Authority. Under the Authority, the mon possessed virtually no personal freedoms to speak of. The Mon Authority was a totalitarian government led by a charismatic Autocrat. The Authority monopolized all aspects of life for the Mon. Typically, cults of personality would develop at the end of each reign within the military who would vie for power through assassination and hostage taking until only one cabal remained supporting a new supreme ruler.

About 170 years ago, a scout ship, the Far Horizon, from the Human Psi Order Upeo wa Macho made first contact with the mon. The last Autocrat, Timeni Vitran, met his end at the hands of the Upeo wa Macho after the Autocrat attempted to assassinate humanity’s first contact team when they refused to cede their space-faring technology to the Authority.

After the fall of the Authority’s leadership, many mon looked to the Upeo wa Macho and humanity for guidance. Rather than influence the mon ignobly, the Captain Tephy Lexand of the Far Horizon discovered ancient documents suppressed by the Authority to reintroduce philosophical concepts of governance and economic institutions.

As a consequence of this, the Mon Assembly was founded.


Externally, the Mon resemble humans. They have a very human face, but the back of their head and neck are covered in wrinkled folds of flesh and they have no ears, only small tube-like protrusions. They possess no body hair, but mon are covered in tiny barbed hairs, prolonged contact can cause rashes and respiratory problems for many species.

Mon are naturally nocturnal, possessing excellent night vision.

They are voracious herbivores and cannot process meat; cooked or raw. Their diet consists entirely of giant leaves found only on their homeworld and must consume synthesized meals while off-world. They must eat constantly to remain healthy. These leaves also provide them with hydration as well, so they do not need to drink water. For this reason, only the elite can afford to travel off-world for any long duration.

At around 80 years of age, a mon undergoes a process of metamorphosis. They transform into a non-sentient, flying predator with a seven meter wingspan. Most are confined to reserves and honored by the mon.


The governing body of mon space is the Mon Assembly, a virtual democracy with a liberal constitution. Citizens are afforded plenty of freedoms and protections.

Traditionally, the mon value personal charisma, have a diverse array of cuisine, they enjoy political debate as a form of entertainment, and they respect scholars above all others. Astrology is still a popular form of entertainment.

Domestic violence: child abuse, elder abuse and neglect are growing less common, but are still considered a major societal problem.

Their military is primarily focused on exploration and is meritocratic in nature, based on aptitude tests.

In the past, the mon worshiped a diverse pantheon of gods, but only a few still hold these views. Most mon venerate the Ancestor Moth as a being worthy of awe. The majority reserve their piety for their frequent holidays which are spent in solemn prayer or giving charity to the Ancestor Moth Reserves. Many still hold a belief in reincarnation, however.

Current fashion incorporates scarves, skirts, veils, and pins shaped like animal. Those who belong to a tribe and/or faction will often display their allegiance in their clothing design.


Remarkably, the Mon possess advanced communications technology.


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