Homeworld: Marzyana
Notable NPCs: Sapphire Monarch Raqui Omecin, Sapphire Prince Tahe Omecin
Affiliations: Leschi Monarchy, ODIN Alliance

The Leschi are a humanoid Species native to Marzyana. They can commonly be found within ODIN Alliance space.

Example Names: Acasa Camaco, Amquis Ayan, Arcaya Haba, Imbora Tambor, Pinca Pirco, Pola Hucoro, Pomi Parihi, Quila Tupara, Sotao Tunsaca, Tahi Taytam, Uchill Tunsi, Urmasa Quitam, Vilca Cuitunsi, Zopa Cori


  • Educated: +2 bonus on all Knowledge checks.
  • Excellent Hearing: Aptitude on all hearing-based checks.
  • Head Stinger: Gain an extra attack each round, but take -2 to all attacks (1d6+STR damage).
  • Radiation Resistant: Leschi gain a +4 bonus to resist damage causes by radiation.
  • Strong: Evolving on a high gravity world has its advantages. +2 Str.
  • Weak Immune System: Leschi are susceptible to disease and poison. When attempting to resist either, roll twice and take the worst result.


Xeno-biologists assume the leschi evolved from a reptilian predator.

For thousands of years, the leschi were governed by collections of feuding city-states and petty kingdoms. They were unified 584 years ago under the Emerald Monarchy. 404 years ago, a succession crisis resulted in a 32-year long civil war which devastated their population. Both claimants were killed resulting in a third faction filling the power vacuum and bringing the conflict to an end.

The leschi homeworld was unified under the Sapphire Monarchy 372 years ago. Since that time, the leschi expanded into their own Belobog System and with the advent of Jump Drive, the Nerod System. The colonies were collectively called the Tetrad or the Quartet, each colony was governed by a Viceroy. Each had colorful titles: the Blue Viceroy ruled Erivorsh, the White Viceroy ruled Gamayun, the Red Viceroy ruled Peklenc and the Black Viceroy ruled Kupala.

First contact with an alien species occurred when the ODIN Alliance arrived in the Nerod System. The leschi welcomed the human explorers at first, but it became apparent that the Alliance was desperate for inhabitable worlds and the leschi were not interested in sharing theirs. The devastating Alliance-Leschi War resulted. Countless millions of leschi were killed and their worlds occupied by the Alliance. Today, the Sapphire Prince — heir to the monarchy — lives under house arrest, each of their worlds is under the control of an Alliance Governor-General and their space is a Protectorate of the Alliance.


The leschi are humanoid with a reptilian appearance. Strikingly, they posses a single, prehensile, extendable appendage on the backs of their head capped with a sharp talon called a stinger. When at rest, their stinger grazes against their cheek. Notably, they have large auditory cavities, black pupils within orange eyes, a thick headbone, and black markings on their yellow-green-gray skin.


The leschi homeworld is officially ruled by the Leschi Monarchy. In reality, the leschi are under the “protection” of the ODIN Alliance. Governor-General Lara Rashare governs the world from orbit.


Technologically the leschi are on par with the human stellar nations. Their military is strong, but occupied with quelling rebellions within Alliance space. Because of the widespread use of draftees, corruption is rampant and many purchase their military rank rather than earn it. Psychics are common, viewed as slightly exotic, but are seen as natural and employed in daily life.


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