Kirvan Authority


Capital: Kirvan One
Government: Theocratic Republic
Head of State: First Delegate Kirvan Onic Tani
Legislature: Stalwart Council
Major Species: Kirvan
Minor Species: various forced converts
Language: Kirvanha
Religion: 100% Kirvanite

The Kirvan Authority is a highly, religious republic based in the Tithonus Swarm.


The Kirvan Authority was founded approximately 968 years ago. In that time, it has seen tremendous change. At first, it was a feudal theocracy, but theologians, religious wars, and progressive reform have molded the state into a democratic republic with a theocratic constitution. They achieved space travel 431 years ago.


The head of government, the First Delegate, is the chief member of the ministries, head of the government and the leader of the majority faction in the Delegate Assembly. Meanwhile, the Kirvan Exemplar is believed to be the incarnation of Kirvan, the Greatest Among Ancestors. The Kirvan Exemplar is selected through an esoteric process which tests candidates until one proves worthy, but grants them the position for life. The utmost secrecy surrounds this test. Once found, he selects the Stalwart Council from (one average) 60,000+ candidates of the greatest legal scholars in the Authority. Kirvan Exemplars are invariably men, cunning leaders, and savants in the Word of Kirvan.


  • Delegate Assembly: 2,300 members elected every ten years. The Assembly drafts legislation, ratifies treaties, and approves the budget. All Delegates must be approved by the Stalwart Council.
    • Doyen Committee: A subgroup elected by the Assembly, the 200 members are responsible for selecting a new First Delegate of the Assembly every three years (though barring gross misconduct, a First Delegate can serve for decades).
  • Stalwart Council: 10 jurists appointed by the Kirvan Exemplar determine whether or not a law is permissible according to the Word of Kirvan, Greatest Among Ancestors. Laws that are rejected are sent back to the Delegate Assembly for revision.
  • Adept Assembly: 80 clergy who oversees the test of the Kirvan Exemplar. They are elected every eight years from those who can pass an aptitude test to prove their virtue and learning in the Word of Kirvan, Greatest Among Ancestors. They meet twice a year for two days to decide if they must strip the Kirvan Exemplar of his power and appoint a new one (but this has only happened once in 900+ years). The only other time they meet is to begin the trials to find a new Kirvan Exemplar, which can take years.
  • Ministries: Ministers are all Delegates elected by the Delegate Assembly to three year terms. In all other ways, they are each an independent bureaucracy.
    • Ministry of Defense: is comprised of all branches of military divided into four Orders — Air, Land, Sea, Space. It possesses its own massive fleet of warships and privateers.
    • Ministry of Finance: handles the finances of the Authority. It possesses its own small fleet of enforcement vessels.
    • Ministry of Investigation: handles crime, intelligence, and re-education. It possesses its own small fleet of police vessels and stealth ships.
    • Ministry of Justice: is the judicial arm of the Authority and the highest power in matters of jurisprudence on the local level (The Stalwart Council is only concerned with the Assembly of Delegates).
    • Ministry of Science: encourages growth of technology, exploration and scientific literacy. It possesses a small fleet of science and exploration vessels.
    • Ministry of Trade: deals with foreigners, trade, tariffs, and filters heretical material entering the Authority. It possesses its own massive fleet of transports and their escorts.


  • Expansionists: are the smallest faction. They want to see the Authority expand to meet demand for more resources.
  • Intellectuals: are the second largest faction. They want to see more secular authority, though they are still adamant about their devotion to Kirvan, Greatest Among Ancestors.
  • Traditionalists: are the largest faction. They are conservative and oppose radical changes of any kind.

Foreign Relations

  • Friendly Relations: Teikoku Kingdom
  • Neutral Relations: n/a
  • Hostile Relations: Everyone Else
  • No Official Relations: n/a


Kirvan art is heavily sculpture-based, often with accompanying poetry or tales etched decoratively into the statues and architecture.

Kirvan who manifest psionic abilities are mistrusted and feared by the general public and aren’t allowed to hold political office, nor can they officially volunteer to join the military.



Kirvan Authority

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