Homeworld: Calydon
Notable NPCs: Boss Lohv Jargogle
Affiliations: Henwen Commune

The Henwen, also called Calydonians, are a Jump-capable porcine humanoid Alien species from Calydon in the Lugh System.

Example Names: Atat Trumpry, Bior Groke, Cua Grubble, Cul Hum, Drang Huggle, Eb Mug, Griat Fidge, Lev Durgon, Luac Lanspred, Mad Mumpsim, Ondin Quagswag, Ovak Rawgabbit, Salla Zwodder, Steym Snolly, Tella Snottor


  • Strong: 6-dot Strength maximum.
  • Manual Laborer: Henwen gain one automatic success on all lifting dice pools.
  • Hardy: The henwen gain a bonus die against all poisons and diseases.
  • Contaminated: The henwen often grow up in waste, pollution and radioactive materials which has caused widespread mutations in their population, but they’ve adapted. They have an additional 1 Tolerance for Biotech as a result.
  • Socialist Upbringing: The henwen may not start with the Resources background.
  • Industrial Accidents Happen: The henwen may start with a cybernetic implant of their choice, however, it may never be inconspicuous.


Historically, the henwen have been primarily polygynous — a single man would marry multiple women, but monogamy was not uncommon. Curiously, their society has been largely patrilineal, but matriarchal. Young women often lived in groups called sounders, comprised of their female relatives and several adopted women. Sounders made up the basic building block of henwen society, while men were often solitary bachelors. During a rutting, popular sounders would hold competitions for men to compete for the hand of one or more of the women. The more successful the man, the more likely the sounder is to welcome him. Casanovas would often try to skirt the rules of the tournament and sneak away with a paramour, though even this was usually consensual.

Holders, the feudal rulers of Calydon (historically 90% women), ruled their own sounder while also forcing allegiance from other sounders. Lowborn men would compete for access to wives, resources, and permanent settlement. As the world industrialized, sounders became analogous to large corporations. Men were competing for jobs in addition to mates while women formed an aristocratic class along with a select number of men who earned their favor. Eventually, an uprising overthrew the Holders and abolished the sounders as a social class. Equality between genders was enforced at the point of a gun. A socialist economy replaced the old guard. Dissenters were sent to forced labor camps to learn humility from the working class. This was only 280 years ago, and since then the Henwen Commune has been under constant threat of returning to this feudal model.

Many henwen have left the Commune in recent years to join the Ronatan Hierarchy and gain more financial freedom, however, many find themselves even more oppressed by the caste system in the Hierarchy.


Henwen are omnivores, however, they require a large amount of salt in their diet. They have no sweat glands, so without the aid of technology they must pant or cover themselves in mud to lower their body temperature. Their canine teeth and tusks never stop growing and much be gnashed down. Henwen use their own ivory for decoration, fortunately, it is a renewable resource. Sparse hair covers their body, usually black or brown in color.

Seasonal breeders, henwen undergo the Rut once a year. While this used to occur in the late rainy season on their homeworld, technological advances have made rutting more unpredictable thanks to modern comforts. Gestation lasts five to six months. Female henwen give birth in litters of between two and eight hoglets (with three being the average). Henwen nurse their young.


Many look back on their civilization’s feudal past with disgust. Their huge populations forced them to colonize rapidly.

The henwen have a reputation for stoicism and gregariousness. They get along with most people, except those who are a bit too snooty or patronizing. Their society is a commune with all people considered equal — in the fact that they are all underpaid, overworked, and unappreciated manual laborers. It is their lot in life, and they harbor no resentment for it according to the propaganda of the Henwen Commune.

Sounders remain the basic societal unit in the Commune, but now they are comprised of an equal number of men and women. Sounders are tasked with enforcing the edicts of the state. The Commune enforces equality for all and redistributes resources accordingly. Unfortunately, their large population and decentralized economy grants a moderate standard of living to all henwen. Many seek work outside the Commune, but are generally perceived of as irreversibly contaminated when they leave. As a consequence, henwen give up their citizenship when they leave the Commune.

Most hewen who grew up on Calydon know a little Engineering to meet the ever present breakages that occur in their arcologies and the lack of manpower and materials causes many to learn to do it themselves.


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