Homeworld: unknown
Notable NPCs: n/a
Affiliations: Grey Council

The Greys are an enigmatic, Jump-capable Alien species from an unknown part of the Galaxy.

Example Names: Daa’lodok, Dee’gomak, Kee’lovel, Maa’nogan, Mee’rogan, Kaa’molas, Raa’bonok, Ree’dolas, Saa’fovel, See’vodok.


  • Cold Adapted: Greys never suffer damage or discomfort due to frigid conditions.
  • Genetic Engineers: Greys gain an additional Tolerance level when determining maximum Biotech.
  • Large Eyes: Greys reduce Difficulties with sight-based rolls by 1.
  • Psionic Wellspring: Gain an additional Psi when determining starting Psi (before spending bonus points).


Popular belief among the Greys hold that they once had a vast, intergalactic empire and unmatched technological superiority. However, rather than ascend to a higher plane of existence, they induced a species-wide amnesia to remove memories of what should not be known. This amnesia is why the species has no native name and they possess no memory of their homeworld.

Informants within the Grey Council, however, indicate that they may have been responsible for their own homeworld’s destruction in an experimental event and want to forget the whole affair and feel better about themselves.


Greys are a small, humanoid species with large black eyes, small mouths, small nostrils. They are hairless and gray skinned.


While the greys are intelligent and hardworking, their culture is very strict and unbending, completely opposed to creativity. It is claimed that the height of their artistic achievement is a piece described by the first contact team as, “three boxes stacked on top of each other.”

They have advanced medical technology. The Greys also possess unique City-Ships which are effectively Jump-capable space stations.


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