Homeworld: Yilar Prime
Notable NPCs: n/a
Affiliations: Yilar Stratocracy

The Yilar are a humanoid Species native to Yilar Prime. Paradoxically, they have a reputation as both warrior-poets and pirates.


  • Buoyancy: Yilar gain an Aptitude in Swimming and maneuvering in Zero-G.
  • Dermal Bone Plating: 4 Armor points (recover 1 AP/day).
  • Digging Claws: Yilar have a natural melee attack (1d6 + STR bonus).
  • Military Culture: Yilar gain a bonus with one weapon of their choice which grants them a +1 bonus on attack and damage with that weapon.
  • Muscle Density: +2 Str.
  • Poor Thermoregulation: Yilar have a low metabolism and don’t regular their temperature well. As a result, they are ill-suited to cold climates. They double all penalties, including damage, from frigid conditions.


The yilar likely evolved from a subterranean-dwelling mammal similar to an Old Earth rabbit crossed with a turtle. They occupy the tropical and semi-tropical zones of their homeworld.


Yilar are semi-omnivorous insectivores. About 90% of their nutrition is derived from insects with less than 10% of their diet composed of fungi, tubers, fruits, and seeds.

Their outer shell is composed of ossified, dermal scutes covered by non-overlapping, keratinized, epidermal scales which are connected by flexible bands of skin. Their dermal plating is surprisingly buoyant and the yilar have excellent kinesthetic senses.


The Yilar Stratocracy is the world government of the yilar homeworld. Political factions have the most control over the Stratocracy.

The yilar still build subterranean communities around large aquifers and sinkholes. The largest threat to these communities are landslides and floods, which their communities are designed to prevent. Thanks to uplifting from the ronatan, the yilar have adopted environmental practices to preserve the natural beauty of their homeworld. Naturally, they build their communities in the least obtrusive way possible.

PTSD and addiction are perhaps the largest social threats to the yilar, as their soldiers return from battle traumatized and addicted to adrenal stims.


The yilar rely upon the Ronatan Hierarchy for all of their technology. When they first encountered the hierarchy, the yilar had barely escaped their iron age.


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