Homeworld: The cloudy terrestrial world of Agade
Notable NPCs: Grand Arbiter Khazia Nani
Affiliations: Wachi Universality

The Wachi are a humanoid Alien species native to cloudy Agade believed to be in The Maelstrom.

Example Names: Aaha Nbed, Aasta Nrin, Bara Fahi, Jozhada Mani, Kanou Mati, Kayyera Nhammi, Mehi Fuba, Miti Mani, Zani Vadi


  • Chromatophores: Their skin color changes with their mood and surroundings. +2 bonus to stealth-related checks. -2 penalty when bluffing or hiding their emotional state.
  • Complex Eyes: Gain Aptitude with sight-based skills.
  • Hydrostatic Skeleton: Gain an Aptitude with escaping bonds and squeezing through tight spaces.
  • Ichor: Mouths produce a black inky substance which can be spit at foes.
  • Muscular Hydrostat: +2 DEX
  • No Ears: Double penalties related to hearing.


The wachi come from a cloudy world, Agade in a trinary star system. The constant daylight means that for their entire species’ evolution, the wachi have never seen the stars before. Their world was the entire universe they knew about with astronomic phenomenon such as meteor strikes being considered mythical and such ill omens that each time their civilization undergoes a massive upheaval.

When the wachi actually left their homeworld, their eyes were opened wide. The first explorers saw a great new universe to explore. When those explorers made First Contact with another space faring civilization, however, the wachi government had a very different reaction. The wachi religion is based around an egocentric belief that they are the first, last and only intelligent life. Revelation that they were not alone in the universe, might shatter the already delicate worldwide political unity the wachi had achieved with great effort, it was believed. So, all the knowledge of first contact was repressed and quietly those who had done so were considered irrevocably contaminated and disappeared.

After their first hostile encounter with an alien species, however, the wachi government changed their stance from neutrality and media control. Now, they have concluded that the only way to ensure their species innocence and fragile unity is to exterminate all other intelligent life, repress the knowledge of space-travel, and preserve their people’s beliefs for their homeworld to avoid another world war. In ignorance, their culture can survive.


Because of their amphibian ancestry, the wachi have a salamander or lizard appearance, despite their humanoid figure.


Wachi are an deeply proud people. They believe they have effectively conquered the universe, mastered themselves, and have the favor of their gods. That sense of accomplishment permeates the entire species in an unfathomably way.


While the wachi have limited space travel capability, they have an immensely advanced technology in nearly all other fields. Their isolation combined with their hostility as a species has made them very efficient at building weapons, waging war, and the field of medicine.


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