Tahta Surgawi

Milky Way > Carina Sector > Tunggal Sanctum > Lilin System

Atmosphere: Breathable (55.0% nitrogen, 29.5% argon, 15.5% oxygen, trace other gases)
Atm Pressure: Thin (0.71)
Gravity: Heavy (1.82 g)
Hydrosphere: 21% ice, 36% water
Satellites: Kesalahan (shattered moon)

Allegiance: Borid Ascendancy
Population: 2.9 billion
Settlements: Dessa (capital)
Species: Borid

Tahta Surgawi is a large, terrestrial world in the Lilin System. It is the homeworld of the Borid.



Tahta Surgawi is a world in the middle of an ice age with glaciation in the north and south. The equatorial region is dotted with large seas, shallows, wetlands, and everglades. Rarely, savannas will appear.


Microbes, algae, sentient arthropods


Mangrove type trees grow in the shallow waters of Tahta Surgawi.

Tahta Surgawi

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