Solar Commonwealth


Capital: Domed City of Opportunity on Mars
Government: Direct Democracy
Head of State: President Aidan Montou
Legislature: Solar Congress
Major Species: Human
Minor Species: n/a
Language: Universal (officially)
Religion: 30% Agnostic-Atheist, 25% Tao-Shenism, 17% Neo-Islam, 11% Universalism, 10% Blue Catholic, 5% Reformed Buddhism, 2% other

The Solar Commonwealth, also called the Commonwealth of Sol, or SolCom for short, is a union of worlds based around the Sol System.

The Commonwealth is the spiritual successor of the United Nations of Earth and Luna. As such, they wish to reintegrate all human colonies into their fold. They consider the Kassian Empire and Teikoku Kingdom to be illegal, and openly oppose them. They believe the ODIN Alliance and Umojan Republic can be peaceably dismantled by winning over one colony at a time.



The SolCom government is a materialistic form of democracy, where citizens use computer networks to vote directly on most matters regarding the state. An oversight body comprised of each member state ensures the votes are accurate and the system has not been tampered with.


The media-obsessed Commonwealth is led by Haute couture and at the head of this movement are the celebrity Fashionista. Social capital is their currency and they can bankrupt mega-corporations, ostracize individuals, and sabotage interstellar relations. However, their power is fleeting. Few Fashionistas last long in the public eye before fading into obscurity. Note worthy, every President of the Commonwealth has been a Fashionista at the time of their election.


The Commonwealth military is considered technologically advanced, however, plagued by bureaucracy and red tape at every turn. The historical significance of the Sol System alone make military maneuvers nearly impossible to get approved, even in an emergency. Thus, military bases are outdated, ships are kept in service longer than recommended, and new recruits are always scarce. Sadly, the strongest arm of the Commonwealth Military are the Colonial Peacekeepers who have a less strict mandate. As military police, they are entirely focused on defense and law enforcement, but they have a reputation second-to-none and a strong sense of duty and justice.


While Commonwealth Internal Security handles most affairs of espionage and spycraft, the Gifted Foundation handles the tasks only a Psion could handle. This includes dealing with Psionic agents within SolCom. It is an open secret that these agents are used to spy on the Psi Orders that have protected Humanity for nearly 300 years in case they pose a threat to the Commonwealth.

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Solar Commonwealth

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