Homeworld: Chiron
Notable NPCs: n/a
Affiliations: Sinecran Solidarity

The Sinecra are a humanoid Species native to the living planet Chiron. Their homeworld is united by the Sinecran Solidarity.

Example Names: Arwarunt, Bliekine, Clevortan, Drykinler, Elmissach, Gashyum, Irashwar, Jaosir, Lordynsul, Nauldrad, Onentur, Rayisech, Swarilurn, Theesen, Yaldyer.


  • Charming Aura: Sinecra exude a calming and alluring aura. +2 Cha.
  • Darkvision: Sinecra take no penalties in complete darkness.
  • Light Sensitive: Sinecra take a -1 penalty to all rolls while under normal lit conditions. In addition, they must succeed on a STR + PHY (DC 15) or be stunned for a round if exposed to a flash of bright light, such as a flash grenade, a strobe light, or a spotlight shined on them.
  • Passionate: Sincera may choose an Aptitude at first level. This cannot be Psionics (PSI) related.
  • Psychic Dependence: Sinecra lose 1 Psi Point/day in order to sustain their physical body. Regardless, when a sinecra’s Psi Pool is reduced to zero, they lose 1 Str/hour. If their Str is reduced to zero, they die. Having even one point of Psi allows them to recover this Str damage at a rate of 1/day (as normal).
  • Psi Reservoir: Sinecra double their total Psi Pool.
  • Soul Thirst: Sinecra cannot recover their psi pool while off their homeworld. As a result, they must take psi from other psychics. Against the willing, this requires no roll, they simply make physical contact and take as much as the subject is willing to donate. Against an unwilling victim, the sinecra must make a successful Grab maneuver. Each round they maintain the Grab, they may take 1 + their level Psi every round. After exhausting the target’s Psi Pool, they may continue to recover Psi, but it costs the victim HP. A victim who is brought to 0 HP is brain dead, devoid of all neuro-chemical impulses.


The sinecra are not native to their homeworld of Chiron. History records that their species traveled to Chiron en masse as part of a pilgrimage to a world they believed to be a god. Indeed, Chiron seems to be a self-aware and psychically active planet. As the sinecra diplomat Stylight put it, “As you humans are to rocks and trees, so too is our World to asteroids and terrestrial planets. Comparatively, we are as animals to His genius.”

Their homeworld is sacred to them, like a loving father or divine Garden of Eden. Likewise, their relationship to Chiron is symbiotic. They require its psychic energy to live. This has led to many misunderstandings with human settlers referring to their pejoratively as “vampires.” Since their species must feed on psionic energy, psi, while off-world.


Humanoids, they have two arms, two legs, and a single head. Each of their hands have four fingers and each of their feet have four toes. They are incredibly tall and slender. Their nails are small and sharp, which assists them in climbing on their mountainous, and forested homeworld.

Sinecra have dark, monochromatic eyes lacking pupils and corneas which allow them to see well even in pitch-black conditions. Uniquely, sinecra have an incredibly weak digestive system and are dependent upon psychic energy to live. While they can digest fruits or sugary nectars, it would not sustain them for longer than a few days. Their homeworld naturally regenerates their bodies and grants them extremely long lives.


Sinecra culture is generally peaceful. Individual sinecra have a reputation for being passionate about a particular art, skill or project. Their society rationalizes that if you are going to do something, one might as well do it the best they can.

Their species is united in worship of their homeworld, Chiron. As such, they are dedicated pacifists, utilitarians, and environmentalists. Because they do not need to exploit their homeworld for resources, or even food, they cannot fathom how other species defile their colony worlds. Paradoxically, while off-world they are dependent upon others for survival.

The sinecra hold expressive art, especially music in the highest esteem — thinking it is the pinnacle of passionate exultation. AIs are considered to be equal to living being as well and the sinecra are second-to-none in the development of computer and AI technology. Consequently, intelligent robots are welcome on Chiron.


Sinecra have a weak military. It is entirely volunteer-based with advancement achieved by election by their peers. Their manned star fleet is largely exploration-based, favoring defensive systems over weapons.

For the defense of their homeworld, the sinecra rely upon AI droneships to win space battles. They use hit and run tactics and ambushes as their ships are geared toward stealth rather than raw power.


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