Pelou Harmony


Capital: Mahdu Ring in orbit around Kumarbi
Government: Collective Consciousness
Head of State: n/a
Legislature: The Harmony
Major Species: Pelou
Minor Species: n/a
Language: n/a
Religion: The Harmony

The Pelou Harmony is a Collective Consciousness which claims the Pharos Pinnacle.


The Harmony appears to have suffered a catastrophe in their past about which they refuse to speak.


The Harmony operates as a single consciousness, with the population having no individual desires whatsoever beyond fulfilling the needs of the Hive Mind.

Foreign Relations

  • Friendly Relations: n/a
  • Neutral Relations: n/a
  • Hostile Relations: n/a
  • No Official Relations: n/a


The Harmony does not trade with outsiders in the conventional sense. They will sometimes contact renowned scientists and researchers and offer them a place within the Harmony. Only one Human scientist, Weston Wildner accepted the offer and left a few months later citing unsatisfactory work conditions.


The Harmony has access to vast, but unknown technologies acquired in their tenure as a Jump-capable people.

They loathe artificial intelligence in all forms.


The Harmony relentless hoards knowledge and all technology. The only thing they fear is artificial intelligence though their fears are not unfounded.


Pelou Harmony

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