Homeworld: Ruined Ecumenopolis of Kumarbi
Notable NPCs: n/a
Affiliations: Pelou Harmony

The Pelou are an ancient, insectoid Alien species.

Example Names: n/a


  • Drone: A single pelou cannot disobey the Harmony. They may resist for a single turn per point of Willpower spent.
  • Jack of all Trades: Pelou are considered to have 1 dot in all abilities. This has no bearing on experience point costs or advancement, however.


Likely evolved from a large insectoid from their Homeworld.


The pelou are insectoid in appearance.


All pelou are born linked to a hive mind called The Harmony.. The Harmony hoards knowledge and technology religiously. They often buy, mimic, or outright steal technology from other peoples. Contributing knowledge to the Harmony is among their highest virtues, while sharing knowledge outside the Harmony is an unforgivable sin.

Considered smug and arrogant by most human standards for their terse way of speaking and because they are often self-praising. In actuality, they are largely dull and uninteresting, due to their hive mind and social structure.


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