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Atmosphere Thin Breathable
Atm. Pressure Moderate (0.90)
Gravity Moderate (0.82 g)
Hydrosphere 12% ice, 21% water
Satellites n/a
Population 17,000+
Settlements Eleduwa, Oduwa (capital)
Species Human

Obatala is a desert moon in orbit around the gas giant Olorun. Overall, the moon has a reputation as a quiet, backwater world.


Once considered a prospect for terraforming and colonization by the Kiraian Republic, the initial colonies were poorly managed and after sufficient resources were wasted on development, the project was scraped. Since that time, the planet has attracted only the worst elements of society. Scattered with ghost towns and abandoned

Recently however, things are starting to change for the better. The colonies are pulling together to find new investors and sponsoring new projects for colonial expansion. Former Marshall and now Mayor Jelani Izudin has become a beacon around which colonists are flocking for a promise of a brighter tomorrow.


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