Homeworld: Nod
Notable NPCs: n/a
Affiliations: Nodan Kleptarchy

The Nodan are a humanoid Species native to Nod. They have a sinister reputation as raiders and scavengers.


  • Amphibious: Nodan can breathe in water and can swim as quickly as they can walk.
  • Ectotherm: Nodan take twice as much damage from hot or frigid temperatures.
  • Irradiated: Nodan roll their Fortitude against Radiation damage twice and take the better result.
  • Osteoderms: Bony scales protect them granting 1 Armor point (recover 1 AP/day).
  • Scavenger: Nodan gain an Aptitude in Jury-Rigging and Searching.
  • Voidborn: Nodan do not take penalties from moving in Zero-G.


Nodan polluted their homeworld, which is now an apocalyptic wasteland. A few scattered survivors still scavenge the surface, but many more have escaped to the stars.


Nodan diet is carnivorous. Commonly they eat invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. They are are unable to chew with any effectiveness and need to swallow food whole, so food that is too large to swallow must be cut into pieces.

Nodan females are fertile year-round. Gestation takes one month to produce a clutch of eggs. Because sex determination is temperature-dependent, slight aberrations in temperature may result in all-male or all-female clutches. It takes two more months before they hatch.


The nodan once had a complex culture, but they have largely been subsumed by the quest for survival. Not merely to exist, but to thrive elsewhere. Monogamous and polygynous relationships are equally common. Nodan culture is generally patrilineal and patriarchal. Multiple wives are considered a sign of prestige and most wives form creches for raising young collectively.


Much of the nodan technology has been scavenged, bartered or pirated from others. Their military is formidable to an unprepared world.


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