New Angeles Megaplex

Earth > Federated States of America > West District

Allegiance: Federated States of America
Population: 24 million
Species: Human

New Angeles Megaplex, also called Megacity Two, is a megalopolis in the Federated States of America on Earth. It was comprised of the cities of Last Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Tijuana and nearly one-hundred others.


Originally called Southern California Megaregion, abbreviated SoCal, but in 2114, the Aberrant Necromagus raised the dead of the city in an army of the dead through a contagion. The Federated States Military took action and decided to launch nuclear strikes, destroying most of it in 2114. Only Las Vegas was intact after the attack. Since then, the city has made a recovery with a modest population of 24 million. It was rechristened Megaciudad de Nuevos Angeles or the City of New Angels.

Laws and Society

After the lawlessness that ensued after the Apocalypse of 2114, a Tribunal of Judges from the Federated States Military took control over the area. They imposed brutal martial law and returned order to the megaplex.

Due to the power and importance of the entertainment industry, refugees were only allowed into the city if they fit a list of available roles for extras.

Uniquely, the FSM Police assigned to New Angeles are called Judges and wear a white-gold uniform.

The intense crowding on the city’s roads mean that the roadbots – which are controlled by a queen node in a hive intelligence will sometimes build traffic knots in densely populated areas. The rich can escape quickly but everyone else can be stuck in the traffic for days.


New Angeles Megaplex

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