Shaper – Metageneration (CHA)

Level 0 Metageneration

Level 0 DC Duration Effect Augment
Buffer 1 day / level Gain one temporary HP n/a

Level 1 Metageneration

Level 1 DC Duration Effect Augment
Astral Construct 10 1 round / level Creates a 1st Level Astral Construct +1 level per Psi Point spent (up to your Level)
Create Sound 10 1 round / level Generate any sound that could be produced by up to four humans per level n/a
Creation 10 1 hour / level Create 1 Gear Point Gadget (only one at a time) out of ectoplasm Extra Gear Point
Crystal Shard 10 Instant Fires a crystal shard up to Close Range on a successful Ranged Attack Extra d6 (Max 3d6)
Grease 10 1 round / level Cover a 10 ft. area or one Medium Size object in slippery ectoplasm n/a

Level 2 Metageneration

Level 2 DC Duration Effect Augment
Entangling Ectoplasm 15 1 round / level Launches a globule up to Close Range with a successful Ranged Attack entangles the target (reduces their speed by half and all physical actions are at a -2 penalty) Increase penalty to -4; Subject cannot Move
Inertial Armor 15 1 min / level Surround target in Armor worth 1 Gear Point Additional AP up to maximum
Metaphysical Weapon 15 1 min / level Create a 1 Gear Point Weapon Extra Gear Point
Re-Knit Construct 15 Instant Repair 1d8 damage +1 per creator Level Effects other metagenerated objects; Extra d8

Level 3 Metageneration

Level 3 DC Duration Effect Augment
Concealing Amorpha 20 1 round / level Dimensional membrane around you distorts your image and grants +5 Dodge Gain extra +5 bonus (only once)
Dismiss Astral 20 Instant Disperses a metagenerated object or construct unless it succeeds on a STR + PHY (DC 15), objects generally have no bonus Increase DC by 5
Ectoplasmic Cocoon 20 1 round / level Target is completely encased in a hard, but porous, protective cocoon with 20 HP; obviously cannot move, but can teleport out +20 HP; increase duration to minutes, then hours, then days, then months, then years
Ectoplasmic Wall 20 1 round / level Creates an immobile wall of ectoplasm either 10 ft. long or sphere 5 diameter with 10 HP +10 HP; Double the size of the construction

Level 4 Metageneration

Level 4 DC Duration Effect Augment
Fabricate 25 Instant Create cocoon around up to 10 cubic feet per level of materials and when it recedes, a finish product remains Double amount of material effected
Ghost Shot 25 1 round All attacks next round ignores nonliving matter, including Armor, Cover, and any other barrier n/a
Quintessence 25 Instant Creates enough gooey material to coat a Fine Size object or target. Anything sealed in this quintessence exist outside the time stream in stasis until it is wiped off Increase Size Increment by one (up to Colossal)

Level 5 Metageneration

Level 5 DC Duration Effect Augment
Ectoplasmic Horror 30 1 min / level Creates an Ectoplasmic Horror under your control Increase duration to hours
Hail of Crystals 30 Instant Launch a ball of crystal which explodes on impact dealing 5d4 damage to everything with Melee Range where it lands Extra d4 damage
Incarnate 30 Permanent Cause any Psionic Power (other than Shaper) up to Level 4 with a duration greater than Instant to become permanent; Costs Shaper 1 XP + Level of Power n/a
Major Creation 30 Permanent Make a metagenerated object or construct permanent and independent; Costs Shaper 1 XP per Gear Point or Level of Construct n/a


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