Milky Way > Home Sector > Saulene Cluster > Saule System

Atmosphere: Dense Breathable
Atm. Pressure: 1.41
Gravity: 0.81
Hydrosphere: 24% ice, 51% water
Satellites: Alka Liftport, Giraitis (moon)

Allegiance: ODIN Alliance, Saulene Syndicate
Population: 6.45 million
Settlements: Alka, Kaupolis, Laukamat, Nujema (capital), Patrimpas
Species: Human

Medeina is a cloudy, terrestrial world in the Saule System. Their are ruins of a Precursor civilization on Medeina — a major source of revenue for the Saulene Syndicate via the black market.


Terror Wolves are the deadliest native lifeform and a mascot for the planet itself. The nimble, and sentient Whimsies like to steal jewelry and food from human settlers.


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