Homeworld: Kron
Notable NPCs: Warmaster Nikroda
Affiliations: Kronite Hegemony

Kronites are a primate-humanoid Species native to Kron. They have a reputation as bloodthirsty pirates and ruthless conquerors.

Example Names: Bor, Jocha, Olon, Quli, Sundu, Temay, Uchil, Yengin, Yuqan


  • Asocial: Kronites don’t get along well with others. -2 Cha.
  • Strong: Kronites are naturally tough, strong, and resilient. +2 Str.
  • Endurance: Kronites gain an Aptitude to Resist Pain.
  • Intimidating: Kronites gain an Aptitude on Intimidation.
  • Irreverent: Kronites gain a +3 bonus on any check which is done in defiance and in the presence of an authority figure.
    Choose one of the following:
  • Born Warrior: +1 (Ranged or Melee) Attack and Damage.
  • Natural Kineticist: Gain Talent (Psychokinesis).


Once, they were a pre-industrial society bound to their homeworld. The kronites were economically conquered and uplifted by the Ronatan Hierarchy. The kronites rebelled and overthrew the ronatan, obtaining their technology.


Popular kronite mythology holds that the first kronites were created by the One God. The first kronite grew lonesome and so the One God made woman so that they could be many. The two kronites, filled with hubris asked the One God, “Against two, one cannot stand,” and attacked the One God. The One God was slain, but His dying curse made the kronites mortal. To this day, many kronites have a word for introducing themselves to other species which translates as, “You’re Welcome.” This refusal to submit to outside authority would later aid them with the coming of the ronatan. Likewise, the kronites believe themselves to have been the last species created by the One God and thus His greatest creation, superior to all others.

The mainline of kronite society holds that all who would enslave the kronite must be conquered or killed. Kronites refuse to see the hypocrisy in an obsession with personal freedom and an inflexible policy of conquest, subjugation and slaughter against all others. This paranoid diplomatic policy has led the kronites to preemptive wars against their neighbors, including the subjugation or purging of entire worlds that might threaten kronite sovereignty. Given their mythology and culture, obviously they avoid veneration of deities, organized religions, and worship of anyone or anything.

Their obsession with personal freedom extends to their military as well. For example, the captain of a kronite ship is always respected by all crew members. Dissent is not seen as subversive, but is expected and common place (even when unwelcome).

A minority of kronites refuse to enslave anyone and prefer a solitary, survivalist existence. These hermits find remote locations, including among the stars to start a new life of introspection.


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