Homeworld: Unknown; Kirvan One (adopted)
Notable NPCs: First Delegate Kirvan Onic Tani, Captain Kirvan Lu Seeya
Affiliations: Kirvan Authority

The Kirvan are an insectoid-humanoid Alien species from the desert planet Kirvan One. They are known for their spirituality, and their stoic, yet mercurial nature. The Kirvan Authority also claims all Precursor artifacts and ruins as part of their heritage.

Example Names: Kirvan Sep Throni, Kirvan Both Moxu, Kirvan Vim Utra, Kirvan Baj Ydean, Kirvan Kari Cale, Kirvan Ni Melni, Kirvan Thun Di


  • Compound Eyes: Kirvan cannot be Flanked thanks to their wide range of vision.
  • Exoskeleton: Kirvan are adapted to a dense atmosphere. Subsequently, they take no penalties in a dense atmosphere and gain an extra Bruised box of Health.
  • Polyphagous: The kirvan can eat anything organic. They are immune to normal poisons and normal diseases.
  • Powerful Legs: Kirvan are exceptional jumpers. They double all distances jumped and have no maximum distance they can jump.
  • Re-educated: Kirvan is the way, the light, the truth — Obey. 4 dot Intelligence maximum.
  • Voracious: Must eat constantly. They take one box of unsoakable Bashing damage every hour they are without food. A kirvan who reaches Incapacitated due to starvation enters a hibernation state until she can be fed. They recover completely one hour after eating a meal.
  • Well Connected: Kirvan start with 1 dot in Contacts. Every kirvan comes from a large, extended family, a prayer group, and has a cousin off-world looking to make a quick credit.


The kirvan likely evolved from an arthropod species. Kirvan historians claim that their species once commanded a powerful interstellar empire, but a handful of devout followers of a savior known as Kirvan settled on Kirvan One to escape decadence, corruption, and violence. While that empire has vanished, they have spent the last millennia rebuilding their civilization. The Kirvan Authority has been in existence in one form or another during this time period and continues to the modern day. All further questions regarding the history of the kirvan should be directed towards the Ministry of Re-Education. Praise be to the Greatest Among Ancestors — Kirvan!


Kirvan are humanoid in shape with insectoid features. They possess three pincer-like fingers on each hand and four clawed toes. Rather than skin, their epidermis is a hard, layered exoskeleton composed of chitin reinforced with calcium carbonate. They have a sexual dimorphism in which female kirvan are usually larger than males.

Respiration is achieved via tracheae, air-filled tubes, which open at the surfaces of the chest and abdomen through pairs of valved spiracles. They can actively ventilate their bodies by opening some spiracles while closing others, using abdominal muscles to expand and contract the body and pump air through the system.

They are polyphagous, able to process nearly all organic matter. The mandibles chew the food slightly and salivary glands in the buccal cavity chemically begin to digest the carbohydrates present in it. The food is then passed via the oesophagus to the crop where it is stored temporarily and chemical digestion continues. Next it moves to the gizzard which has muscular walls and tooth-like plates which grind the food. From here, food enters the stomach, where six hepatic caeca add further enzymes and digestion is completed. At the junction between mid and hind-gut, several fine tubes known as malpighian tubules add the excretory products (uric acid, urea and amino acids) to the contents of the gut. Absorption of nutrients takes place in the ileum and any undigested residue is passed on to the colon. Here water is absorbed and the residue becomes solid. After storage in the rectum, the faeces are expelled as small dry pellets.

The kirvan have an extensive set of external sense organs. Their compound eyes give a broad field of vision and can detect movement, shape, color and distance. There are also three simple eyes (ocelli) on the forehead which can detect light intensity. A pair of antennae containing olfactory (smell) and touch receptors, and mouthparts containing highly sensitive gustatory (taste) receptors. At the front end of the abdomen there is a pair of tympanal organs for sound reception. Numerous fine hairs covering the whole body that act as mechanoreceptors (touch and wind sensors), and these are most dense on the antennae and the palps (dangling part of the mouth). They have special receptors (campaniform sensillae) embedded in the cuticle of the legs that sense pressure and cuticle distortion. There are internal “chordotonal” sense organs specialized to detect position and movement about the joints of the exoskeleton. The receptors convey information to the central nervous system through sensory neurons, and most of these have their cell bodies located in the periphery near the receptor site itself.

Reproduction is achieved through normal sexual congress. Afterward, the female lays her eggs in pods for warmth near food plants (usually grass). The eggs in the pod are glued together with a froth produced by the mother. The embryos in a pod generally all hatch out within a few minutes of each other. They soon shed their membranes and their exoskeletons harden within an hour. A newborn kirvan is identical to its adult form, but goes through six stages of growth before reaching sexual maturity. Females go through an addition growth stage, being larger than males. Each time it moults its previous exoskelton.


The vast majority of the race calls themselves kirvan due to the religious figure Kirvan, whom saved them from the collapse of their once glorious empire. Devout and adamant to their claims of being the chosen survivors of a long-dead Empire, the kirvan spread and convert through what they declare “peaceful” means. In actuality, they wait for foreigners to break one of their many laws, and subject them to “re-education” programs to pacify and integrate the “criminals” into their society.

Despite adhering to a religion that espouses peace, the kirvan are not ashamed nor afraid to carry weapons and fight for their beliefs. Their religion states that they must make pilgrimage at least twice in their life, to a fictional utopian land that is, “lush with ample, vibrant vegetation, born upon the edifice of the Empire’s Corpse.” Interpretations of this vary, with the devout being everything from exemplars of peace who believe “the green is within”, to marauding space-pirates who believe the utopia will be built by them from the corpses of their enemies.

The centralized Kirvan Authority is a form of highly religious republic, as most of the kirvan are Rigid Kirvanites. Personal freedoms are surprisingly high considering the byzantine religious doctrine they employ. Scandals are rare in the kirvan worlds, and due to the prevalence and dizzying array of interpretations of kirvan philosophy, their foreign relations are awful. This doesn’t stop missionaries and pilgrims from trying, as they must teach others of Kirvan’s martyrdom, and the philosophy the “greatest among ancestors” taught them.

They value leadership skills and cunning above almost everything else. Stories frequently arise of a kirvan military force retreating out of respect for an opponent’s tactical cunning and leadership capability. One of the most popular forms of entertainment in the Authority is their political system, which is highly showy and stylized in order to keep the populace interested. Politicians frequently grandstand with poetry and epic ballads for the benefit of the people. Soldiers are respected heavily in the culture for their ability to perform stunning and beautiful combat maneuvers. The Authority’s main export is their technology, and due to their ravenous nature, they import foods with a particular zeal. Kirvan cuisine is unmatched, as they import and adapt alien cuisines to their own whenever possible. The kirvan have a reputation for being able to eat almost anything organic, though the majority would be disgusted by the thought of eating sapient species. Literacy is mandatory, and those who are caught not being able to read are sent for re-education.

The Authority is presently experiencing a trade deficit, yet their economy is steadily growing in strength, and is largely stable. Their star fleet, consisting mostly of heavily out-fitted drone carriers, is a fiercely dominant presence in their Sector. Rank within the military is often purchased, with those who can purchase the most drone-carriers often having the highest rank within the hierarchy. A secondary military force is maintained through volunteer soldiers whom mostly focus on quenching rebellions and putting a stop to the kirvan who use their religion to justify piracy and other such unlawful acts.

Within the Authority, the female population outnumber the male 2 to 1, and the population is ever on the Increase as they very slowly spread in every direction. The Authority opposes the Solar Commonwealth and the Kassian Empire, viewing them as being the very thing the greatest among ancestors, Kirvan, warned against and saved them from.


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