Kassian Empire


Capital: Imperial City of Kulitta on Kusor
Government: Despotic Empire
Head of State: Empress Auriade II Ilustre, Her Imperial Majesty
Legislature: Camarilla (“Inner Circle”)
Major Species: Human
Minor Species: Moab
Language: Spanglish
Religion: 85% Blue Catholic, 7% Neo-Islam, 5% Tao-Shenism, 3% Other.

Also called the Empire of Kas (short for Cassiopeia). The Empire believes in justice and morality. Purity of the human body and soul is their concern. The Empire believes that all humans possess souls, but aliens do not. Consequently, the Empire is unabashedly xenophobic.


Rise of the Kassian Empire

Colonization of Crux & Jeromite Papal State

The colony ship, La Señora, “Lady” left Earth with colonists primarily Spanglish-speaking North and South American colonists. Many were Blue Catholics seeking a new world without automation where they could return to a more idyllic existence centered around their faith. The Crux System soon became their home and Jerome grew into the capital of a small theocratic oligarchy: Jeromite Papal State.

Conquest of Jerome & Cruxian Queendom

Following several conflicts with their colonies in the Thronewolds Cluster, military action saw the rise of Sancia Mieronia, first Queen of Crux, who established the Cruxian Queendom. While still loyal to the Pontiff, she established the secular government of the Crux System.

First Kassian Colonial War & Treaty of Kusor

The Cruxian Queendom was able to pacify the colonies after a series of conflicts. The result was a peace treaty, brokered by the Pontiff, the Queen, and the colonial representatives. The new treaty was a compromise between the three factions. A secular capital would be established on Kusor, while Jerome would remain the Pontiff’s seat of religious power. This allowed for the separation of powers. Meanwhile, the colonies would pay tribute to the new Empress in exchange for autonomy. This way, the colonies would have access to their government directly, rather than via the distant papacy. The Kassian Empire was established in everything but name.

Second Kassian Colonial War & Treaty of Hunahpu

It didn’t take long for some colonies to chafe under the new regime. The colonies of Hunahpu System refused to pay their tribute to the empire and shot the imperial tax-collector out an airlock. The revolt continued for several years. Eventually, a peace was reached between the Imperial Fleet and the rebellion around their star, Hunahpu. It would be the last major revolt against the Empire. The Treaty of Hunahpu formally named the Empire of Kas, which had previously been on of several nicknames for the stellar nation.

Golden Empire

Exodus Dominion

With the colonies pacified, the Empire looked to expand. Through colonization and conquest, the entire Exodus Sector came under the dominion of the Kassian Empire. Notably, the Teikoku Kingdom would become a client state of the Empire, the Abassi System became a thorn in the Empire’s side, and many dissidents fled to the Grand Frontier.

Kassian Intervention in Sol

The Empire attempted a reconquista of Earth. The conflict resulted in the first major defeat of the Imperial Fleet. The defeat in the Sol System caused many systems to doubt the unconquerable image of the Empire. Many colonies used this weakness to gain more autonomy from the imperial machine.


End of the Imperial Dynasty

The disappearance of fearsome Empress Anchania II Mieronia caused a succession crisis. None wanted to claim the Imperial Throne, less the tyrannical Empress return and exact her vengeance upon them. Admiral Resseo Terija was the nominal regent of the Empress’ young daughter and was the de facto ruler of the Empire. This lasted until the attempted coup by the Imperial Guard. The death of the crown princess was the last straw that broke the First Kassian Empire. Rebel and Loyalist factions tore it to pieces in less than a year.

War of Umojan Independence

Most notably, rebels in the Abassi System established control over all of Anansi’s Web. The Umojan Republic was established.

Second Empire

Rise of the New Dynasty & Pax Galactica

Mighty House Ilustre rose to power from the vacuum left behind. A new Empress Elita I Ilustre forced many to accept the new dynasty or face her fleet. Her first order of business was to establish the Pax Galactica, a policy of peaceful expansion and to strengthen the Empire internally. This appealed to the war exhausted people, both noble and common alike.

The Camarilla, “The Inner Council”

The Empire’s day-to-day operation is handled through a council of sycophants hand-chosen by the Empress.

Imperial Military


Slavery is legal, so long as the enslaved are non-humans (mutants, sadly fall under this category as well). Robots are all considered property, regardless of sapience. Genetic Engineering and cloning are illegal and considered heresy.

Foreign Relations

Imperial space is plagued by a group of pirates known as the Huecuva believed to be based out of the Chuchaviva Nebula. They take their name from mythical evil spirits that supposedly once plagued mankind. The Imperial Fleet lost nearly a third of its force the last time they attempted to flush out the pirates, so the Empress has decided to offer a bounty on the pirates instead.

Kassian Empire

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