Homeworld: Jalandhara
Notable NPCs: n/a
Affiliations: Jaliyan Isocracy, Sarkai Protectorate

The Jaliyan are an ichthyoid-humanoid Species native to Jalandhara in the Trimurti Vertex.

Example Names: Akit Sharo, Ellel Grettei, Hephza Mutal, Hima Haro, Kiva Man, Omith Posni, Riela Rakki, Shada Rucki, Yelah Sheb


  • Amphibious: Jaliyans can breath both air and water.
  • Cloning Degeneration: Jaliyans must take twice as many Defects to gain the benefits of a Mutation. Effectively, Defects are worth 1/2 as much as normal.
  • Educated: +2 KNO
  • Egalitarian: Jaliyan characters may NOT take the Windfall Heroic Package.
  • Eyestalks: Jaliyans cannot be Flanked.
  • Intellectual-Elite: +2 INT
  • Perfectionist: Jaliyan character may NOT take the Mutant Heroic Package.
  • College Affiliation: A Jaliyan may choose ONE of the following:
    • College of Aesthetics: +2 SUB
    • College of Civics: +2 COM
    • College of Engineering: +2 TEC
    • College of Health: +2 PHY
    • College of History: +2 KNO
    • College of Psionics: +2 PSI
    • College of Stratagems: +1 Attack Rolls


The jaliyans were once the dominant species in a decadent empire. The Jaliyan Aristocracy was ruled by an upper-class elite which spared no expense for the arts — drama, literature, and philosophy. However, the elite owed their existence to a slave-class of clone labor. For more than 150 years, they expanded to the stars. A group of aristocrats would colonize a world with his or her own clones as both a labor force and a sign of genetic superiority. However, over time the autocratic rulers grew complacent. Experiments in cloning and population control were proving too difficult and the clones growing more independent and unruly. The arts and education of the aristocracy had filtered its way down to the common populace. Even among the aristocrats, equality was a cherished value (but only amongst the elite).

The Jaliyan Aristocracy came to an end after a series of revolutionary civil wars across their empire forced the capitulation of the aristocrats. In the peace treaty, all Jaliyans were declared to be aristocrats and granted equal rights under the law. Their empire became more introspective in the following years as ethical questions took to the fore of their society. One of the only surviving institutions were the academies of learning which had been so generously sponsored by the Aristocrats. As students flooded into the universities by the billions, the responsibility for society fell on their shoulders.

Today, the Jaliyan are a decentralized collection of worlds which look to their philosophers and intellectuals as guides towards justice, ethics, morality, and protection.


Their skin tone varies. They generally have lighter tones on their mouth, front of their neck, chest, abdomen, and genitals. However, the rest of their body is a dark tone. Their posterior color tend to be a shade of green, blue or violet while their anterior is a shade of red, brown, orange, white or yellow.

The placement of their eyes grants them a huge range of vision.

Their diet is omnivorous, relying primarily upon cephalopods, crustaceans, fish, seaweed, and plankton from their homeworld (many species have been transplanted to their colony worlds as well). They have a symbiotic relationship with species of cleaner fish near coral reefs on their homeworld and colonies.

Jaliyans give birth to live youth. However, their mating sequence is tied to their homeworld’s lunar cycle, which means reproduction off-world requires medical intervention. They live between 50 and 100 years.


Education is not merely a right, but the core of Jaliyan society. Everyone belongs to a College which forms the core of their socialization from an early age. It is common for people to mate with members of their own college, though a child may join any college.

Because they are often surrounded by their genetic duplicates, Jaliyans like to practice body modification as a means of expressing individuality. Popularly, they will tattoo their skulls, wear makeup, get piercings, contact lenses, eyelash extensions, voice modulators, teeth filing, and wear clothing that expresses their personality.

Technically, most wealth is controlled by the Colleges who employ nearly everyone.


Jaliyans have a strong, but small military composed of volunteers. Advancement is granted by immediate superiors. Their Psychics are second to none.

Presently, the Jaliyans are pushing to the forefront of space travel technology.

They are the only species that can produce the psionic-enhancing drug known as Soma.


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