Goni-Mano Timocracy


Capital: Jara
Government: Puppet State
Head of State: Gi-Val, Marshal-Timocrat
Legislature: n/a
Major Species: Goni-Mano
Minor Species: n/a
Language: Mani
Religion: 74% Goniism, 26% Suhtinism

The Goni-Mano Timocracy is a stellar nation comprised of the Goni-Mano colonies, but it is an open secret that the government is dominated by the Manasa Patriarchy.



The Timocracy is a patchwork collection of autocratic tribes organized not only along bloodlines, but also tied to land (though some tribes have taken to the stars and claim their ships as their “land”). The central authority is not a legislative or judicial one, since most tribes are mostly autonomous in regards to both, but rather a military junta comprised of the strongest Timocrats which claims dominion over all tribes as a matter of security for all. The government gives an outward appearance of strength and unity, but in truth has very shaky stability. Fearful of the Manasa Patriarchy, but dependent upon them for their independence and wealth, the relationship between the two stellar nations could shift with even a small, but dramatic change.

Rights are afforded to tribes according to how much property they hold. While it is a gross overgeneralization, most tribes have extremely good personal freedoms on their tribal lands. Likewise, most tribes hold to principles of merit, rather than kin or friendship ties — so the best person for the job usually gets it. The heads of each tribe is the Timocrat and (usually) has absolute authority over property held by all members of the tribe. Those who depart their tribe, whether willingly or by exile, leave the lands of their tribe literally naked. Those who leave with possessions are considered criminal and the return of their property is the highest priority. Most outlaws become wanted by bounty hunters who will return their prey dead or alive — most Timocrats don’t care so long as justice is served and their property returned.


The military is somewhat weak, depending upon land-based tactics — relying upon the Patriarchy for interstellar transportation. Their shock-troops are reportedly very impressive, however, and the Timocracy made a deal with the Patriarchy for the latest fusion-weaponry for its soldiers.

Soldiers are a mix of draftees and volunteers. Some tribes see contributing to a national military as a duty and an honor, while others send their disreputable and undisciplined. The military is primarily used for the defense of the Timocracy. Advancement is openly purchased from the officers, sometimes at a high price for the unworthy, but less for those who show merit.


Overall, the goni-mano excel at mining technology.

Goni-Mano Timocracy

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