Homeworld: Jara
Notable NPCs: Marshal-Timocrat Gi-Val
Affiliations: Goni-Mano Timocracy

The Goni-Mano are a Jump-capable simian-humanoid Species from Jara in the Garuda System.

Example Names: Ai-Bera, Am-Hira, Da-Has, Ga-Nya, Ha-Migda, Ia-Ram, Ma-Liral, Lo-Ta, Ro-Shi, Ry-Aza, Sha-Ghi, Shi-Mon, Ye-Mek.


  • Dagger Teeth: Two pairs of large canines, upper and lower jaws grant the goni-mano a powerful bite attack. This grants a +4 bonus on Grab maneuvers and can choose to deal 1d4 points of piercing damage each round they maintain a Grab.
  • Hooked Hands: Goni-mano hands are made for climbing and swinging, granting an Aptitude in both.
  • Howl: Goni-mano can open their vocal chords to deliver a powerful blast of sound. 1/day per level a goni-mano causes all living creatures with a sense of hearing within Melee Range make a STR + PHY (DC 11 + Level) or be stunned for 1d4 rounds. Those who fail drop anything in their hands to cover their ears and cannot take any Action other than defensive maneuvers.
  • Mighty: Evolving on a high gravity world has its perks. +2 Str.


The goni-mano developed on the terrestrial world of Jara before it was transformed into a barren wasteland with a thin, corrosive atmosphere. They discovered a Precursor ruin which helped their civilization advance rapidly, but in the process unleashed an artifact which destroyed their homeworld’s atmosphere. Now they live among the stars and among other species.

Many goni-mano orbital habitats are artistic masterpieces — streets lined with magnificent sculpture, marketplaces buzzing with haggling merchants, and grooming-houses filled with the latest gossip.


Goni-Mano are frugivorous omnivores. Fruit comprises most of their diet, with leaves, insects, flowers, and eggs.

Goni-mano have powerful vocal chords which they used to ward others from their territories and, in more primitive times, males used to duel for female attention with their powerful howl.

Sexual reproduction is the norm, with fertility ensured only once a month. Gestation is six months long on average and produce a single, live offspring. Twins can occur rarely.

Lifespan is about 250 years.


Social organization is dominated by monogamous family pairs along with their offspring. However, less than half of couplings are same-sex or polyandrous while others incorporate extra-pair copulation or partner swapping. Traditionally, when a juvenile reaches sexual maturity, s/he is expelled from the family unit.

The largest governing body over the goni-mano is the Goni-Mano Timocracy, a collection of independent orbital communities run by local autocrats and their families. Timocrats hold all the power in the nation, determined solely by the amount of profitable orbital communities their tribe possesses. Land is owned by a tribe and passes through tribal hands. This decentralized leadership has caused some conflicts.

The Timocracy currently trades its labor and production to the Manasa Patriarchy with a major surplus. However, much of that wealth is held only by the Timocrats themselves. The economy overall is very weak due to harsh “self-imposed” restrictions on trade to anyone other than the Patriarchy. The economy is declining as the Patriarchy finds other sources of cheap labor and opens trade with other alien stellar nations.

Human sociologists have claimed that the goni-mano are obsessed with beauty and art. Indeed, societal advancement is based largely on attractiveness, with the unattractive being openly discriminated against. Curiously, this has created an underclass of outcasts who have formed organized crime rings as a means of survival. Ironically, reinforcing the societal ideal that ugliness leads to criminality.

Traders, especially those who can provide luxury goods are well-respected. Precious metals and semi-precious stones are currently the height of fashion.

The goni-mano generally have a very strict social customs and taboos. Conformity to these ideals of etiquette and politeness are held higher than the customs themselves. For example, grooming in public between friends and family is common, but displays of affection, such as kissing or holding hands are strictly taboo.

Many goni-mano have largely held to their ancient, polytheistic religion. Strictly speaking, they believe that unhealthy bodies and ugliness attract evil spirits which inhabit the body and corrupt the soul, driving people to evil. Having a clean, attractive, and healthy body will allow the naturally good, sapient soul to flourish. Expect to be treated with suspicion if you meet a goni-mano for the first time with an unkempt demeanor.


Overall, the goni-mano excel at mining technology by necessity. The Timocrats claim that to accept outsider technology would defile their nature, though many suspect that Manasa intentionally prevent outside influence to keep the goni-mano militarily weak and dependent.


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