Homeworld: Balarama
Notable NPCs: n/a
Affiliations: Garm Unity

Examples Names: Avas, Bish, Dava, Gana, Kurti, Mand, Lara, Soth, Vala.

The Garm are a Jump-capable, multi-limbed, humanoid Alien species.


  • Four Arms:
  • Four Legs:
  • Hooves:
  • Bite:
  • Fragmentation: A garm can be split in half and is capable of still surviving. When a garm is killed, so long as its body remains largely intact, it will split vertically down the middle. One half will regrow two new arms, two new legs, half its head, and so on. One half will be biologically male, the other female. This process takes about seven days to complete, but after they recover one Health box, they are capable of standing on their own (two) feet. At the conclusion, both halves will have the same attributes, backgrounds, and Psi as the original, but the ability dots will need to be divided between them. Only hermaphroditic garm are capable of fragmentation and thus can only split like this once.
  • Toxin Resistance: Garm are immune to most poisons.
  • Regeneration: Garm can regrow limbs and recover quickly from physical injury. They recover 1 box of Bashing every turn. If they do nothing else, they can recover 1 box of Lethal damage every turn. This allows them to regrow limbs (1 day – hand, 1 week – forearm, 1 month – entire limb).


Garm are likely evolved from a nocturnal, fossorial rodent or arthropod.


The garm are a dense, bulky people. Internally, they resemble many humanoids. Externally, the garm have four legs, which end in hoof-like feet. They have four arms, with four fingers on each hand. They also have pronounced canines.

Sexually, the garm are simultaneous hermaphrodites, though gonochorism is only rare. Some exceptions exist, for example, some garm who have been bifurcated will regenerate with a single set of sex organs.

Garm can consume huge amounts of food at one sitting. They have a very accommodating digestive system and relatively low metabolism.


Garm love to laugh, sing, and love. The don’t know what work is and leisure is their highest pursuit. The only “work” they engage in seems to be trade, exploration, and science.


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