Federated States Military


Headquarters: Pentagon on Earth
Government: Military Oligarchy
Head of State: Secretary-General Dalton Rackham
Legislature: Federated States National Security Council (FSNSC)
Major Species: Human
Minor Species: n/a
Language: Spanglish
Religion: n/a

The Federated States Military is a major faction within the Federated States of America on Earth.


The Federated States Military secured perpetual emergency powers in 2060 and have instilled Martial Law when necessary to quell rebellions, riots, and to eliminate dissidents that threaten the security of the FSA.


This government is nominally democratic, with the dividing line between the civil administration and the military having blurred to the point where they have largely become one and the same.

Eligibility is restricted to Admirals, Generals, and Military Governors. Technically, the Federated States President is the chairman of the FSNSC, but the Secretary-General of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is the true power behind the FSM.

Federated States Judges

Because of the extreme overcrowding in the megacities of the FSA, certain elite military police, the Judges are granted full martial law powers. Effectively, they act as judge, jury and executioner on behalf of the Chief Judges of the Federated States of America with the support of the FSM.



Federated States Military

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