Milky Way > Auriga Sector > Tithonus Swarm > Socrates System

Atmosphere: Breathable (74.9% nitrogen, 16.4% oxygen, 8.8% argon, trace other gases)
Atm Pressure: Dense (1.50)
Gravity: High (1.21 g)
Hydrosphere: 91% ice, 18% water
Satellites: Diogenes (moon)

Allegiance: Kirvan Authority
Population: ~3.8 billion
Settlements: Angem, Denun, Estren, Kimhon (capital), Ritess
Species: Kirvan

Evander is a large, urbanized oceanic world in the Socrates System.


As neighboring Cercidas proved less and less habitable, the native Kirvan began migrating to Evander once they developed space travel. For the last 500 years, the population has exploded to nearly 4 billion kirvan.


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