Droo Enclave


Capital: Kinyesi on Katikati
Government: Irenic Monarchy
Head of State: Imperator Ankrah
Legislature: n/a
Major Species: Droo
Minor Species: n/a
Language: Drooish
Religion: Jingoism

The Droo Enclave is a militant, xenophobic autocracy which claims all of Droo Space and defends their borders aggressively.


The Enclave is an ancient stellar nation.


The Enclave is a militaristic form of autocracy, where the warrior who is considered the strongest leader rules with absolute power. Under the Imperator, the Enclave is a pacifist form of hereditary autocracy, where the ruler is regarded as a benevolent guardian that is striving to protect the citizens from a violent galaxy.

Foreign Relations

  • Friendly Relations: n/a
  • Neutral Relations: n/a
  • Hostile Relations: Everyone
  • No Official Relations: n/a


The Enclave does not trade with anyone.


The Enclave are undoubtedly sophisticated, especially with military technology. Their worlds are shielded against all conventional weapons and are believed to be capable of repelling any invasion. Their ships are numerous and powerful in both attack and defense. Fortunately, they seem more interested in protecting what they currently have… for now.


Little is known about the culture of the Enclave. They are territorial and look down upon the other stellar nations. They also claimed to have once ruled (effectively) all the known galaxy in their history, though this claim is dubious at best.


Droo Enclave

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