Homeworld: Dek
Notable NPCs: Arbiter Olah Wosair
Affiliations: Deki Technosect

The Deki are a humanoid Alien species native to Dek.

Example Names: Bam Deboye, Bola Bunde, Chis Beroo, Com Awol, Deng Agbeh, Dwa Eggeng, Kas Babe, Kat Angin, Luk Ojix, Mong Anoeh, Mud Ambang, Nim Aran, Nyen Desu, Oyen Botch, Pashi Irun, Tole Ansan


  • Distinct Auditory Cortex: Deki reduce Difficulty on all hearing-based rolls by 1.
  • Elongated Tarsi: Deki gain an automatic success on all climbing and jumping related rolls.
  • Foveal Vision: Deki have exceptionally sharp central vision, granting them a bonus die on all Firearms dice pools. In addition, they reduce all ranged penalties by 1 to a minimum 0.
  • Oversized Brain: Deki have a 6-dot Intelligence maximum.
  • Tech Savvy: Deki are naturally inclined toward Engineering and gain an additional die on all Engineering dice pools.


The deki likely evolved from a small, prosimian species.


Deki are small, prosimian humanoids. The unique cranial anatomy of the deki results from the need to balance their large, heavy head so they are able to wait silently for nutritious prey. Deki have an incredibly strong auditory sense because their auditory cortex is very distinct. Deki also have very long hind limbs, due mostly to the extremely elongated tarsus bones of the feet. The combination of their elongated tarsi and fused tibiofibulae makes them morphologically specialized for vertical clinging and leaping. The size of the average deki is only 1-1.5m in height with their hind legs making up the bulk of their size. In addition, they also have a slender tail about 2m in length. Their fingers are also elongated, with the third finger being about the same length as the upper arm. Most of the digits have nails, but the second and third toes of the hind feet bear claws instead, which are used for grooming.

Deki have very soft, velvety fur, which is generally buff, beige, or ochre in color.

Deki also possess a toothcomb in the front of their mouth.

Primarily frugivorous and insectivorous. They get most of their water from fruit, vegetables and nectar.

The deki are nocturnal.

Gestation takes about six months and give birth to single offspring. Young deki are born furred, and with open eyes, and are able to climb within a day of birth. They reach sexual maturity by the end of their second year.

Compared to Humans, deki can breath higher concentrations of carbon dioxide safely and require about half as much oxygen.


Deki tend to be extremely shy.

Family name precedes their individual name. Family groups are small, polygamous with a multiple-male, multiple-female group structure. Males are typically dominant to females, but females still have a high status in the group.


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