Borid Ascendancy


Capital: Dessa on Tahta Surgawi
Government: Celestial Empire
Head of State: The Eternal Emperor
Legislature: Celestial Masters
Major Species: Borid
Minor Species: n/a
Language: Word
Religion: Enchiridian

The Borid Ascendancy is a isolationist, religious stellar nation which claims the Tunggal Sanctum.

The Ascendancy exists in a self-imposed exile, they keep their borders closed and prefer to have no interaction with the “lesser species.” Their only concern is the preservation of their holy sites.

Outside the Ascendancy, two factions are likely to be encountered: Pontificates who seek to convert the whole galaxy to their faith and would subjugate any empire into the dominion of the Ascendancy.

The other are the Penitents. Those who are exiled from the Ascendancy and so they spread the faith to the lesser species until their days come to an end.



This government is a hereditary monarchy, where the ruler is seen as a child of heaven in a largely pacifist and isolationist society where political leadership lies in the hands of the leaders of the nation’s most powerful religious factions and the ruler is treated as a divine symbol. Organized religion is widely employed in support of the state apparatus.

Foreign Relations

  • Friendly Relations: n/a
  • Neutral Relations: n/a
  • Hostile Relations: n/a
  • No Official Relations: n/a





Borid Ascendancy

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