Homeworld: Large, cold, wet world of Tahta Surgawi
Notable NPCs: Lisilia, Tisameia
Affiliations: Borid Ascendancy

The Borid are a humanoid Alien species.

Example Names: Ananedeas, Asterameias, Athinastes, Cillisebe, Dexenesa, Euconeges, Heliodama, Ikenedes, Katisa, Medoce, Opemeres, Phaethelisa, Philora, Xeniobe


  • Aquatic: For each dot in Stamina, a Borid can hold their breath for thirty minutes and an additional minute per Athletics dot. While they are excellent swimmers (+1 Die to Swim), they have a plodding gait while on land (-1 Die to Run or Sprint).
  • Bone Plates: Borid gain 2 Extra Bashing Soak and 1 Extra Lethal soak from their retractable, hardened, bone crenelations covering their major organs and soft tissues.
  • Electro-Magnetic Reception: Borid can sense changes in electrical fields and magnetic fields which affect them. They can even follow these fields back to their source.
  • Hydrophilic: Borid require water to stay hydrated. Every day they go without being submerged in water, they begin to dry out. They take one box of unsoakable Lethal Damage every day until they can rehydrate. They heal this damage as they would a normal wound. Borid who are killed through dehydration are naturally mummified and resemble fossils.
  • Pressure Sensitive: Borid can detect minute changes in air pressure on land or in water. They effectively can sense movement without use of their other senses. They can effectively roll to detect certain ambushes. This detection is stronger in water.
  • Salty: Borid can process salt filtered through water exceptionally well and are never subject to penalties associated with salt or salt water. In addition, they tend to come off as rude, vulgar and coarse losing a Die from all Etiquette related rolls.
  • Social Creature: Borid require social interactions. For every hour they go without making conversation and every day that passes without making physical contact with another borid or Alien species, they lose 1 temporary Willpower point. The melancholy they suffer as a result can drive them mad.
  • Venomous Bite: Bite from a borid does their Strength in Lethal Damage. Venom in their bite can also incapacitate or kill their victim. For a number of minutes equal to the borid’s Stamina, the target must roll their own Stamina or take a box of Lethal damage every minute. Additional bites renew this duration, but the effects do not stack.


The borid are likely evolved from an elapid species on their homeworld.


Humanoid in shape, the borid have webbed feet and hands, four eyes, but no nostrils. Hardened bone crenelations grow out on their face and over their major organs. They press against their body when in motion and flush out when they are startled or aroused. They have a wide, over-sized tongue which is their only olfactory sensor. Their mouth are lined with 18 small fangs intermixed with flat molars, designed for biting and sawing food into bits. They range in height from 5’ to 10’ tall.


They are carnivorous, they consume fish and occasionally young octopodes native to their homeworld.


Borid rarely mate in pairs, instead they feel compels to copulate in large groups called Mating Lines. Borid males fertilize a female internally. Borid are ovoviviparous and their young are born live. When its time to deliver, a borid feels an overwhelming desire to be submerged in water. This allows the unusually large young to be born easier than on land. They generally give birth to one, or rarely two young.


Borid are generally mild-tempered. Borid are also inherently social, requiring physical contact and join a clique or a coterie fairly early on in life.


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