Egoist- Autometabolism (STR)

Level 0 Autometabolism

Level 0 DC Duration Effect Augment
Verve 1 min Gain 1 temporary HP n/a

Level 1 Autometabolism

Level 1 DC Duration Effect Augment
Bone Plates 10 1 min / level Gain 1 Gear Point worth of Armor Extra Gear Points up to Maximum AP
Hammer Fist 10 1 round / level You are considered one Size larger for purpose of normal unarmed damage Increase Size increment by one more
Iron Grip 10 1 round / level Gain +4 bonus on Grab Maneuvers Increase bonus to 6
Keen Senses 10 1 min / level Gain +2 bonus on all perception-based checks Increase bonus by 2; Increase duration to hours
Thicken Skin 10 10 min / level Gain 4 temporary HP Extra 2 HP

Level 2 Autometabolism

Level 2 DC Duration Effect Augment
Ability Affinity 15 1 round / level Gain +4 to one Stat (only one at a time) Increase duration to minutes, then hours; Effect one additional Stat
Bone Spurs 15 1 min / level Grow claws from knuckles and/or elbows which deal 1d8 damage on a successful Melee Attack Extra d8 damage (max 2d8)
Chameleon 15 1 round / level Gain +2 bonus to SUB checks to hide Increase bonus by 2 (max +10); Increase duration to minutes
Compression 15 1 round / level You can squeeze your body through any space your head could fit through Increase duration to minutes
Deepsight 15 1 min / level Eyes grow black and can see in the dark Increase duration to hours, then days
Painful Touch 15 1 round / level All melee touch attacks cause the subject to make a STR + PHY (DC = your attack roll) or become Stunned with pain for 1 round Increase Stun duration by 1 round
Scent Tracking 15 1 round / level Gain Scent ability; +2 bonus on all Tracking checks Increase bonus by 2 (max +8)
Share Pain 15 10 min / level Divide damage between yourself and a willing subject until one or both are unconscious Increase duration to hours
Sympathetic Transfer 15 Instant Transfer another’s wounds to yourself n/a
Synesthete 15 10 min / level Transfer your sensory input from one sense to another (e.g. hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch) such as using your finger to smell, your ears to see, or your eyes to taste Increase duration to hours, then days

Level 3 Autometabolism

Level 3 DC Duration Effect Augment
Body Adjustment 15 Instant Increase your natural healing factor by 2 Increase factor to 3, then 4
Grow Claws 20 1 round / level Vicious claws grow from digits which deal 1d12 damage Extra d12 damage (max 3d12)
Ectoplasmic Form 20 1 round / level Gain the benefits of being insubstantial, semi-transparent, and can Fly at Speed 3 Increase Speed by 3; Increase duration to minutes
Graft Weapon 20 24 hours Meld a weapon into an appendage to become a bioweapon, granting a +1 to attack and damage with that weapon; cannot be disarmed; lose 2 STR if weapon is destroyed n/a
Hustle 20 1 round Gain an additional Move Action on your next turn n/a
Purification 20 Instant Naturally restore your lost Stats at Factor of 2 Increase Factor to 3, then 4; Restore an additional Stat
Sustenance 20 24 hours You do not need food, water or sleep for the duration n/a

Level 4 Autometabolism

Level 4 DC Duration Effect Augment
Body Equilibrium 25 10 min / level Walk on any surface without penalty, liquid or solid without breaking through or sinking (e.g. water, quicksand, spikes) Increase duration to hours
Energy Adaptation 25 10 min / level You take half damage (rounded down) from acid, cold, electricity and fire which is converted into radiant light for the Power’s duration (5 ft. radius x damage taken; does not stack) Increase duration to hours
Forced Share Pain 25 1 round / level You and an unwilling subject divide damage equally between both parties n/a
Immovability 25 Concentration You attach yourself to reality and cannot be moved; you cannot Dodge, but you are immune to all Powers that would move you (e.g. Psychokinesis, Somoportation, etc) Increase duration to hours
Metamorphosis 25 1 min / level Assume the shape of a creature or object Increase Size increment by one; Increase duration to hours (objects only)
Psychic Vampire 25 Instant Steal 2 Psi Points on successful Melee Touch Attack n/a
Vampiric Claws 25 1 round / level Same as Grow Claws but you steal half the damage you deal with your attack if used on a living creature n/a

Level 5 Autometabolism

Level 5 DC Duration Effect Augment
Adapt Body 30 1 hour / level You can automatically adapt to underwater, extremely hot, extremely cold, high and low gravity or airless environments, allowing you to survive as if you were a creature native to that environment. n/a
Psychofeedback 30 1 min / level Boost STR or DEX at the expense of the other n/a
Restore Extremity 30 Instant Return lost limb or appendage n/a
Revivify 30 Instant Return the dead to life with 1 HP, before the psyche leaves the corpse (3 rounds) n/a


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