Homeworld: Enlil
Notable NPCs: n/a
Affiliations: Ariani Establishment

The Ariani are a humanoid Species native to the dark, arctic moon of Enlil in the Tiamat Nebula.

Example Names: Borza Aril, Doun Zadai, Jaha Fah, Kiari Khadi, Mani Min, Naya Avih, Ornad Argand, Sama Yarih, Sati Pour, Zeha Anim


  • Bacterial Accumulation: Each day an ariani goes without washing, she suffers a cumulative -1 Cha until she gets clean.
  • Corporate Culture: Ariani gain an Aptitude in Finance and Trading (such as haggling or price appraisal).
  • Decentralized Nervous System: While they do possess a brain, neural tubes connect much of their nervous system. Consequently, ariani may roll any resistance to Telepathy twice and take the better result.
  • Large Brain: +2 Int.
  • Large Eyes: Ariani gain an Aptitude in Seeing and Searching.
  • Small Ears: -2 penalty on all hearing-based checks.


Nearly 150 years ago, a massive economic downturn collapsed the former ariani monarchy, and corporations swiftly filled the power vacuum. No longer beholden to the monarchy’s isolationist policies, the newly minted corporate state established a cunning trade deal with the Kirvan Authority, resulting in a massive trade surplus for the ariani and a major deficit for the kirvan over time. Following this historic deal, the mega-corporations solidified their alliance under a single conglomerate — the Establishment. The Establishment seeks to install itself as a universal middleman, carefully setting it up so that trade through them is easier than their rivals. They consistently and carefully plan out their economic relations to acquire the best deal possible for themselves, while still seeming generous to their partners.


Ariani are humanoid in shape and share a common ancestor with a large amphibian native to their homeworld, the massive Altanakul. Ariani are hairless, possess large, black eyes with narrow pupils with a prominent, star-shaped cornea. Two bones, each originating above each eye fuse together at the front of the face to protect their nasal passages. Notably, their nasal passages go directly to their lungs and do not intersect with their esophagus, as with humans. Their mouths are lined with a flat, calcium carbonate rim. They posses only five, extremely sharp teeth in the back of their mouth, which form a ring around their digestive passageway and chew food deposited into the mouth. Their tongues can reach back to push food into the passageway, but is not long enough to touch the teeth.

Reproduction for the ariani is achieved through sexual means. Male and female ariani possess a clutch of prehensile, inch-long gonopores, tube-like appendages which sends or receives gamete cells for fertilization. The number of gonopores an individual possesses varies (between two and ten). Regardless, offspring will always have a different number from their parents and siblings (the only exception being fraternal or identical twins) to ensure genetic variety, since only ariani with the same number of gonopores can successfully reproduce. Like most reproductive organs, the gonopores are very sensitive and retract into the abdomen when not engaged in sexual reproduction. Gestation takes about three months and produces a single live young (though twins occur rarely). Reproduction is also cumulative, meaning that so long as there is still genetic material available from her partner, an ariani will continue to produce offspring in succession. A single fertilization can yield between two to four offspring (not including instances of twins).

Ariani do not develop their cranial ridges until after they are born. By adolescence, their bones have fused to form the prominent crown.


The ariani are well known for having a wealth of pride — asking an ariani about their culture will undoubtedly lead to them sternly lecturing you upon their civilization’s “many” achievements. They place a great amount of value on psionics and pursue the expansion of their species’ psionic capabilities almost religiously.

Individual ariani disagree on exactly what the political structure of the Ariani Establishment is, but all agree that the red-tape choked bureaucracy is to blame. Human sociologists have declared it a plutocratic oligarchy, in which the wealthy hold most of the political power in a farce of a democratic system. Politics usually devolve into which candidate receives the most financial-backing rather than their actual platform or capabilities. The government is extremely stable, as the rich are almost never ousted from their rule, and instead effectively take turns running the faction.

Regardless, personal freedoms within the Establishment are extremely good, with the immigration regulations being fairly open. In fact, the authorities will welcome with open arms just about any psion willing to volunteer for the Psychic Institute of Learning as a subject for research. This path takes very little time, pays a respectable sum, and guarantees citizenship. The Institute takes the opportunity to study their abilities, and find the psychic a place within society that fits their talents and skills. The Establishment’s fervency for psionics has led them to attempt frequently to trade and ally with the Jaliyan Isocracy and the Dathi Directorate. In addition, ariani space is notably one of the few places you’ll find the Psi Orders operating business as usual, just as in the Solar Commonwealth and surrounding Human Space. Over the years, whenever a disaster, civil unrest or rebellion happens in their space, the ariani are quick to offer a “policing force” to assist.

The Establishment offers asylum for refugees, which is almost always their prime concern. Recently the ariani have been pressuring the Mon into leaving their military alliance and strict trade agreement with the Solar Commonwealth. They are going so far as to snatch up and offer political protection for any mon-dominated worlds that are not tied to the Commonwealth. Despite their attempts, the situation has not yet devolved into military action, as the ariani are content to try and influence the situation using trade and diplomacy. Thanks to the fairly liberal immigration policy and consistent attempts to expand the populations of just about any psionically-inclined species within their space, the language of the ariani has become a linguistical melting pot.

The Ariani Establishment’s prime focus in terms of technology is convenience, leading to some of the poorest within their space being comparable to wealthy aristocrats elsewhere. The ariani export weaponry and Import natural resources, operating on a major surplus. This trade surplus is the primary, if not the sole reason the mega-corporations have come to dominate ariani politics.

Naturally, the mega-corporations have a vested interest in psionics, believing that they must be the first to monetize psychics and market psionic capabilities in order to keep their hold on the Ariani political and economic system. This has led to carefully constructed and financed plans to reach out to psionically-inclined species around the Auriga Sector in an effort to encourage immigration to the Establishment.

Soma, a psychic-enhancing drug produce solely by the Jaliyan Isocracy, has become a popular commodity sold both on open markets and its more destructive and addictive variants on the black market.

The ariani’s dominant religion is a syncretic pantheon, incorporating both native gods as well as the gods of neighboring species. The Establishment holds that they favor no one religion over another, and have established a system necessary to incorporate a divine being into their pantheon. The only requirement is that adherents allow the Establishment to sell merchandise relating to the religion, as well as pay a nominal tax called an advertising fee for the religion. The pantheon is unsurprisingly not as popular as it once was, and even the holidays have been kept few — with many of them being fused together if they share a similar theme. The Establishment advocates this civic religion focused on good deeds, joyous prayers and flashy parades and dances. Psychics within the church are common. Recently, the Establishment passed a controversial law which established any parent who discourages their child’s use of psionics as child-abuse and can be removed from their home and placed in the care of a foster family.

Poor hygiene is a major taboo within ariani culture, and they typically react negatively to anyone they perceive as being unwashed. Identity theft is common and plagues the unprepared as their bank accounts are cleaned out and loans are taken out in their names without them ever knowing it. Discrimination against female ariani is still a major societal problem, but is on the decline as the Establishment works to ensure that all peoples have ample opportunity to expand the stellar nation’s economy and practice psionics for the benefit of all, regardless of gender or sex. Literacy is compulsory within the Establishment’s sphere of Influence to ensure that all citizens are capable of reading and comprehending the various forms, applications, and documents that are necessary for day to day life within the Establishment.


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