Milky Way > Auriga Sector > Gilgamesh Cluster > Aya System

Atmosphere: Breathable (64.1% argon, 22.2% oxygen, 8.7% carbon dioxide, 2.9% nitrogen, 2.1% methane, trace other gases)
Atm Pressure: Dense (1.52)
Gravity: Moderate (1.17 g)
Hydrosphere: 7% ice, 33% water
Satellites: n/a

Allegiance: Ithani Concordat
Population: 6 billion
Settlements: Qezan, Shahra
Species: Ithani

Adapa is a large twilight world. It is the homeworld of the Ithani.


Adapa likely was not always tidally-locked to its star. Life likely developed on the world during this slow rotation period. When the planet stopped spinning, the day side of Adapa saw its oceans boil into barren salt flats and its continents pulverized into sand dunes and then grew barren. Dust storms ravaged the day side and all life went underground, fled to the prime meridian or went extinct. Meanwhile, the night side of Adapa grew frigid as the oceans from the day side turned to snowfall and formed mighty glaciers which sealed the narrow passages separating the two halves of the world. The sandstorms packed the day side with mountains of dirt. Consequently, the night side is nearly all frigid ocean, warmed only by the system’s second star, Ishtar. Between the two, on the prime meridian, after all the dust settled and the snows fell, life reemerged from underground.


Adapa is tidally locked with its sun, meaning only the light of the star system’s companion star shines on the darkside of the world. The sunside is bathed in deadly radiation and extremely high temperatures, while the darkside is a frozen wasteland. The region between boasts the majority of native life.


The continent of Abitha is now a vast, barren plateau surrounded by salt-flats. The Salt Sea was a grand ocean which had been laid bare by the light of Aya.


Night is covered by the frigid, waveless ocean of Nokkra.

North Meridian

The continent of Atumma is where the majority of the population of the Ithani have thrived. Diverse ecosystems are threatened by the urbanization of the continent and not a foot of land has been left untouched by the Ithani.

South Meridian

The southern continent of Sabbi lies across from Atumma via a mountain range covered in glaciers on the night side. This strip of land and ice acts as a dam for the Nokkra Ocean. It is a dangerous trek across this barren expanse.

Sabbi itself is less hospitable than Atumma, but efforts have been made in the last century to introduce wildlife and flora to invigorate the ecosystem. Only a few million Ithani live on the entire continent and Sabbi retains a frontier reputation.




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