Rolling Dice

Infinity uses d10s. Players build a dice pool to accomplish difficult tasks. The dice pool is normally a combination of the dots in an Attribute and an Ability.

Roll the dice. Each die that comes up an 8, 9, or 0 is a success. Multiple successes achieve more spectacular results, while less successes yield less amazing results. If no successes are achieved, then the attempt fails.

Bonus Dice and Penalty Dice

Bonus dice may be granted for having exceptional equipment or being in a situational advantage. Meanwhile, having defective equipment or being at a disadvantage will result in lost dice.


If your dice pool is ever reduced to 1 or 0, you may still roll, however this is a risky maneuver with added consequence. If the die result is a failure, you can only attempt again by spending a Willpower. Worse, if the die result is a 1, the consequence is a botch and the worst possible outcome for you results.

10 Again Rule

Whenever you roll a 10, you may roll again to gain an additional success. This way, even the bleakest circumstances can still yield moderate or even glorious success.

Five or More Rule

Five or more successes on any roll yields exceptional success, typically represents a result better than what you were aiming for.

Turning a Failure into a Botch

Once per session, a player may voluntarily turn a normal failure into a botch when dramatically appropriate in exchange for 1 XP.


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