Alas, religious ideologies persist in the far-flung future of Infinity.

Alien Faiths

  • Cipherism, a form of numerology turned into fortune-telling which many Cerberi use in their daily lives. Adherents are called Cipherists.
  • Elation Hymn, a hedonistic, cult-like group which is the official religion of the Ephyran Eparchy. Adherents are called the Elated.
  • Epitomism, family-based ancestor worship. Adherents are called Epitomists.
  • Grimoirism, polytheistic religion popular among the Cerberi.
  • Kirvanism, based around the Greatest Among Ancestors: Kirvan’s teachings. Adherents are called Kirvanites.
  • Metamorphism, based around the worship of the Ancestor Moths of Hippolyta, this religion is most prevalent among the Mon of the Mon Assembly. Adherents are called Metamorphists.
  • Saafanism, a polytheistic religion amongst some of the Niani which focuses on miracles and great deeds by ancient heroes.
  • Sahraiism, a monotheistic religion popular among the Niani which focuses on a life-protecting Supreme Deity and the neverending struggle against Darkness.
  • Vidanism, worship of the Precursors. Adherents are called Vidanists.

Human Faiths

  • Agnostic-Atheist, catch-all term for non-theists.
  • Blue Catholic, monotheistic faith built around a holy scripture called the Blue Bible. Adherents are called Blue Catholics.
  • Neo-Islam, monotheistic faith centered on a holy scripture called the Neo-Quran. Adherents are called Neo-Muslims.
  • Reformed Buddhism, moral philosophy based around the teachings of Enlightened Ones. Adherents are called Zen-Buddhists.
  • Tao-Shenism, polytheistic-ancestor worship combined with traditional, moral philosophy. Adherents are called Tao-Shenists.
  • Universalism, also called the Church of Universal Truth seek to understand the nature of the universe and the multiverses. Adherents are called Universalists.


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