Alas, religious ideologies persist in the far-flung future of Infinity.

Alien Faiths

  • Ariani Pantheon, a polytheistic religion dedicated to a handful of gods depicted in oral traditions and stories of heroic divine deeds. Adherents are called Ariani Pantheonists.
  • Calibrationism, a dedicated worship of a Precursor observatory which seems to predict the future. Adherents are called Calibrationists.
  • Cipherism, a form of numerology turned into fortune-telling which many Cerberi use in their daily lives. Adherents are called Cipherists.
  • Elation Hymn, a hedonistic, cult-like group which is the official religion of the Ephyran Eparchy. Adherents are called the Elated.
  • Epitomism, family-based ancestor worship. Adherents are called Epitomists.
  • Grimoirism, polytheistic religion popular among the Cerberi. Adherents are called Grimoirists.
  • Hierarchy, is a philosophical belief held solely and zealously by the Ronatan Hierarchy. Adherents are called Hierarchists.
  • Ithani Canon, saint-like Paragons are invoked for protection and guidance while the faithful aspire one day to join their ranks if they can be recognized for their unmatched piety by the aloof Congregation. Adherents are called Canonists.
  • Kirvanism, based around the Greatest Among Ancestors: Kirvan’s teachings. Adherents are called Kirvanites.
  • Metamorphism, based around the worship of the Ancestor Moths of Hippolyta, this religion is most prevalent among the Mon of the Mon Assembly. Adherents are called Metamorphists.
  • Saafanism, a polytheistic religion amongst some of the Niani which focuses on miracles and great deeds by ancient heroes. Adherents are called Saafanists.
  • Sahraiism, a monotheistic religion popular among the Niani which focuses on a life-protecting Supreme Deity and the neverending struggle against Darkness. Adherents are called Sahraiians.
  • Vidanism, worship of the Precursors. Adherents are called Vidanists.

Human Faiths

  • Agnostic-Atheist, catch-all term for non-theists.
  • Blue Catholic, monotheistic faith built around a holy scripture called the Blue Catholic Bible. Adherents are called Blue Catholics.
  • Neo-Islam, monotheistic faith centered on a holy scripture called the Neo-Quran. Adherents are called Neo-Muslims.
  • Reformed Buddhism, moral philosophy based around the teachings of Enlightened Ones. Adherents are called Zen-Buddhists.
  • Tao-Shenism, polytheistic-ancestor worship combined with traditional, moral philosophy. Adherents are called Tao-Shenists.
  • Universalism, also called the Church of Universal Truth seek to understand the nature of the universe and the multiverses. Adherents are called Universalists.


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