Nanites are microscopic machines which can manipulation matter on an atomic and molecular scale. At this scale, the physical properties of matter can operate very differently and invisibly to the naked eye. Given the risks, it is expressly illegal to allow nanites to self-replicate. Consequently, nanites are usually delivered in a single-use format.


Nanoviruses are nano-colonies that act move through the body and alter cells they are programmed to affect. Afterward they deactivate and are absorbed by the body within the next year.

  • Calcion: A benefitical nanovirus, calcion is one of the most commonly used nano-colonies in the field of medicine. Calcion is a bone-knitting nanite that repairs fractures and breaks in bones with advanced calcium-grafting technology. Additionally, calcion can repair joints and aid with skin regeneration. A character injected with calcion heals from damage at twice the normal rate until she reaches full hit points. Afterward, they cease to function.
  • Gray Death: Gray death nanites are a horrible weapon used to kill in a slow and painful manner. Once released into the bloodstream, they self-replicate using the body to make more of themselves until the full mass of their host has been converted into gray goo. STR + PHY (DC 35) allows the host’s immune system to intercept and flush out the nanites before they can do harm. If the save fails, the character is irrevocably killed in 3d10 hours. Gray death is, of course, extremely illegal everywhere.
  • Nanohunters: A nanovirus designed to eliminate other nanoviruses. After being injected, the nanohunters eradicate all other nanites in a person’s system in 2d4 rounds. Afterward they deactivate and are flushed from the person’s system.
  • Oncoguard: The oncoguard nanovirus treats and stave off the effects of cancer.
  • Resilite: This dangerous nanovirus is used for both torture and espionage. Resilite attacks the nerves, organs, and bones of the user with the intent of causing extreme pain and possible death. Once injected into the bloodstream they deal 1d10 damage per round to the host until they are deactivated or the host dies.
  • Stiletto: A vicious nanovirus, stiletto causes damage directly to the host’s brain. The nanites travel directly to the brain and begin eradicating clusters of brain cells. Once injected, the host suffers 2d6 points of damage to their INT and CHA. Afterward, their energy supply is exhausted.


Self-replicating nanites called augmenters are designed to latch onto a specific biological system and enhance its performance. They can only be deactivated by Nanohunters (see above).

  • Brain Boost: +4 INT. Brain boost augmenters latch onto the memory and thought centers of the brain and transmit data back and forth between these centers at an incredible rate. Popular with scientists, researchers, mathematicians and any one else who wants to increase their memory capacity and brain functionality.
  • Chatter: Acts as a permanent commlink. Can communicate with computers by touching them.
  • Doppelganger: This devious augmenter alters the physical appearance of the host to mimic a person it has come into contact with. By analyzing a target for one minute, the host may activate the augmenters to reconfigure the host’s bone and facial features to match. This process takes 30 minutes and is extremely painful and requires an additional 30 minutes for the swelling to subside in recovery, so the augmenters release an anesthetic which numbs the host’s INT and CHA stats by -4 for that hour. This only works on members of one’s own species and is entirely cosmetic, but permanent. The host may return to his original face through the same process. However, if injected with nanohunters while wearing someone else’s face, their original face is lost unless that data is stored beforehand.
  • Micromuscles: +4 STR. Micromuscles augmenters attach themselves to bones, muscles and sinew and keep them in top physical shape and minimize damage, fatigue and strain on them. Useful for soldiers and athletes.
  • Prophecy: Acts as a permanent AR display, able to send and receive data. Rather than rely on a pair of glasses or cybereyes, prophecy augmenters display information directly into the brain’s visual and sensory cortex.
  • Soulbound: +6 bonus on Pilot or Drive checks. Soulbound augmenters link pilots and drivers directly to a compatible vehicle or starship. This melds mind and machine, so the pilot knows exactly how much damage the vehicle has taken and where. The one drawback is that each attack on the Computer system, the soulbound pilot must make an INT + Level check (DC 17) or suffer 1d4 points of INT damage.
  • 20/20: +6 bonus on Balance and Perception-based checks. By attaching to optic nerves and other sensory nerves, these nanites allow the host to have superior senses.
  • Watchdog: Allows anyone with a monitoring system to know how much HP the host has, identifies poisons, diseases, cancer, and all other health problems immediately. Watchdog augmentors are popular in hospitals and for those in high risk jobs.

Matter Replication

Nanotechnology can be used to change matter on a molecular or atomic scale. The cutting edge of nanotechnology is the Matter Replicator, a device which uses nanites to change one kind of matter into another kind. They cannot create something from nothing, however, so matter of equal mass must be supplied. This technology is not quite perfected yet, as any materials produced must come from schematics detailed to the atomic level, requires a tremendous amount of energy and time (usually). Duplication machines are the most common presently, which simply scans an inanimate objects in one chamber, while replicating it in an adjacent chamber at the same time.

Unfortunately, replicating organic life is difficult. Single-celled organisms are easy, but the more complex they are the more likely they are to have defects, deformities, or cancerous growth. Likewise, they cannot replicate neuro-chemicals exactly, so living duplicates are clones at best, attaining none of the knowledge or memories of the original.


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