Aberrant War

  • 2049: United Nations declares war on Aberrants, The Space Brigade seizes control of Olympus Base on Luna and destroys 75% of the Orbital Military Network (OMEN) satellites, Olympus stays under their control until war ends.
  • 2049-2061: Various major cities destroyed, mostly in North America and Europe.
  • 2050: Balkans erupt into “The Shatter”, an intense, ceaseless conflict, Borsov takes presidency of Russia, directs nation’s aggression toward Aberrants and throws down “the Gauntlet”, Yeltsingrad is closed to humans.
  • 2051: The Colony of Eden is founded; The Sydney Opera House is destroyed, but rebuilt mere months later.
  • 2052: Jerusalem destroyed, and reconstruction is delayed until after war is over; Aberrant Pauly Natal and his cult seize the Nooitgeadact mine in Africa to fund their search for the Seventh Seal, 11 days later the miners revolt and kill them.
  • 2053: China launches Xingyang Sujia, the first manned interplanetary craft to Mars; Seatown in the S.W. U.S. revolts and becomes its own city; Ecuador faces a violent war for presidency and new shifting-party policies now decide the ruler.
  • 2054: The Aberrant Wycoff explodes over Hasting after a raid on his compound.
  • 2055: The Blight, a taint virus cased by the Aberrant Wycoff’s detonation destroys the North American grain belt and crippling US agriculture; US Federal Intelligence agencies begin consolidating operations; the US invades Canada for its resources.
  • 2055-2073: South America closes it’s borders, erects a safety curtain called the “Necessary Wall,” stops most trade and commerce, and declares a state of Martial Law. Nova Força Nacional emerges in Colombia as a result of this new police state.
  • 2056: Sydney Opera House destroyed again, not rebuilt until after war; The First Omaha Declaration is passed granting the military sovereignty to deal with the Aberrant menace
  • 2057: North American Police Action (NAPA), the US invasion of Canada and Mexico complete, the whole continent’s major population and industrial centers are under martial law; Puerto Rico separates from the USA, and leads the rest of the Caribbean nations inside the “Necessary Wall” of South America.
  • 2058: A special task force reorganizes the North American political structure into eight overarching governing districts; Aberrant Poseidon floods the Florida peninsula, and tidal waves completely wipe out Cuba and the Bahamas; Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama unite in the Mayan League.
  • 2059: First VARGs are used in the field by European and U.N. forces.
  • 2060: Selene Miller gives birth to a son, Dante Miller, but dies during labor; Second Omaha Declaration is passed, the Federated States of America is officially born.
  • 2061-2070: The Zenezuelan Plagues are unleashed, Aberrants systematically bomb Argentina, and they taint areas of the Amazon as they move North, killing half of Venezuela’s citizens with biological strikes; several minor peasant uprisings in South America are quickly stamped out.
  • 2061: Aberrant Backlash destroys the OpNet throughout the globe; China issues the Earth Strike Ultimatum, war ends with the Aberrant Exodus and the end of the Aberrant War; Brasil and Columbia sign the Amazon Biodiversity Protection Act, triggering social innovations across the continent.

Post War Crash & Reconstruction

  • 2061-2070: The Crash: with millions dead and half the world’s fields infertile the world economy collapses, Comm Crunch and Urban Schism occurs, while orbital expansion is attempted.
  • 2061: European Union falls from political power with disrupting of European economy; Battle of Fly River as Indonesia invades Papua New Guinea from Irian Djaya.
  • 2062: Russia Crash, Borsov removed from power and deposed; US Central Security Agency founded, and the 32nd Amendment passes stating that the FSA Constitution can be altered to adjust to the need for peace; Australia forgives New Zealand debt, one of the first steps toward the Austronesian Union; Australian-New Zealand Defense Forces (ANZDI) is formed.
  • 2062-2071: Rebuilding of Olympus Base and Camelot, however Yeltsingrad considered insignificant.
  • 2062 – 2083: Pacific Nations join Austronesian Union.
  • 2063: Proxy Dr. Matthew Zweidler is born in Basel, Switzerland.
  • 2065: Guyana, Surinam and French Guiana become Brazilian States.
  • 2066: New Paris Explosion kills 60% of the French refugee population living in the Australian city.
  • 2067: China reconfigures it’s economy, the Chinese Yuan, overtakes the former US Dollar in the world economy; Solvieg Larssen is born.
  • 2068: Consolidation of the Andean Federation of Commerce (FAC).
  • 2070: Turkey reforms into the New Ottoman Empire and expands to incorporate Bulgaria; failed attempt by Western Australia to secede; Argentina invades Paraguay and Uruguay, but it is driven back by several countries in the Weekend War, FAC and Brasil impose trade restrictions with Argentina; first Mapuche president assumes power in Chile.
  • 2071: “pseudo-graviton” developed to create artificial gravity; strife worldwide slowly ends; UN restructured into Upper and Lower Council; Bolade Atwan born in Sokoto, Nigeria.
  • 2072: The Native American Gaming Council (NAGC) is formed from surviving tribes.
  • 2072-2102: Major Lunar development by Great China, Brasil, FSA and UAN. Millions of dissidents are deported to Luna during this time period or sent as prison labor.
  • 2073: South America re-opens its borders, pouring out an excellent economy to help stabilize the world governments, but initiates aggressive international commerce practices.
  • 2075: Chinese expedition piggybacks the Lito Comet on its way to Alpha Centauri System.
  • 2076: War of Lunar Independence results in Luna gaining recognition as a sovereign nation.
  • 2078: New Zealand fires upon Nippon whaling ships.
  • 2080: Nihonjin builds mining platform, Fuyoushi Station, in the Sol Asteroid Belt, but fails and opens Absolute Zero restaurant for tourism.
  • 2081: “Der Welkende Staat” is published, suggesting that self-sufficient citizens hurt the progress of the state; Chile joins the FAC.
  • 2082: U.S.S.U. formed (United Self-governing Settlement Union).
  • 2084: The Catholic Church under Pope Benedict XVII passes the Vatican Reforms which updates the role of the Church in society and legitimizes the Blue Catholic Bible.
  • 2085: Larssen joins Northern Collective military.
  • 2086-2098: Zweidler purchases Montressor Clinic and refits it in his own image over the next decade.
  • 2087: Khantze Lu Ge is founded on Alpha Centauri B after a 12 year journey.
  • 2088: Russia-NC conflict.
  • 2089: UAN claims Ganymede mining rights; Larssen joins United Nations Interspace Peacekeepers (UNIP), terrorist bombing of Wellington embassy. United Nations accepts Luna as a member renamed the United Nations of Earth and Luna (UNEL).
  • 2091: UNIP disbands, Larssen goes mercenary.
  • 2092: First rise in industrial output since the Aberrant War for the FSA.
  • 2092-2097: Conflict between UAN, Chinese and Brazilian colonists on Mars.
  • 2094: Israel closes it’s borders, declaring itself holy ground.
  • 2097: FSA regains control of Seatown from inmates; General Ernesto Santander stages a coup in Argentina, begins a fascist regime and starts a purge war of against mercenaries, martial law lasts until 2110 when the country is considered pacified; the man later known as Guiseppe del Fuego joins Norça.
  • 2098: Cloud Lake is built in Pantanal, able to survive in the rising floodwaters of the plains.
  • 2099: Brasil launches Orguhlo de Ceu, the first of the Orbital Triad.
  • 2100: Jerusalem is officially declared rebuilt; The Lunar Unity Agreement is signed by the various colonies of Luna, establishing a Lunar Government and a Constitution to govern Luna.
  • 2101: Kiremte, the UAN mining station on Ganymede, expands into a full colony.

Unity Age

Coalition War, Chromatics War, & Colonial Expansion

Infinity Era


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