Cybernetics are a fact of life in the Frontier. When you lose an arm and can’t afford or can’t wait for a vat-grown replacement, you get a cyberarm. This costs nothing for the players, but it works exactly like your old arm. For something more complex, however, the character must possess the Cyborg Talent, since cybernetics are not purchased with normal gear points.

Cyberware packages are built with points in the same manner as Complex Items. In addition, they can also improve Stats or even mimic the effect of a Talent for 1 point each. However, no single bonus can be boosted by more than +8 total, even with multiple pieces of cybernetics. Likewise, STR bonuses do not apply to hit point totals.

Finally, unlike normal equipment, cybernetics can apply Qualities to adjust their cost AFTER it has been totaled (minimum cost can never be less than 1).


  • Inconspicuous: +1 gp. While most cybernetics are designed to be close replicas of their original limbs, modern medicine can graft synthskin and microfibers for hairs to make the cyberware nearly identical to the original. Only an INT + TEC (DC 20) can detect the imperfections.
  • Obvious: -1 gp. While most cybernetics are replacements, others are inelegant and bulky or require their augmentation to be readily apparent such as having wheels instead of legs.
  • Side Effect: -2 gp. Perhaps due to shoddy construction or age comes with a side effect (e.g. causes headaches when in use, causes damage over time while active, or some other drawback).

Example Cybernetics

+4 STR 4 gp
Pistol, Autofire 2 gp
Bulky & Obvious -1 gp
Total = 4 gp (4 for the increased STR Stat, +1, -1 Qualities)
+2 INT stat, +2 Knowledge skills 4 gp
Direct neural access with a machine or computer 1 gp
Total = 5 gp (5 for stat/skill bonuses, +1)
Subdermal Armor
Type IV Armor (4 AP; +8 bonus against Damage) 4 gp
Inconspicuous +1 gp
Total = 6 gp (4 for the armor, +1)
Optical Enhancement
Infravision 1 gp
Inconspicuous +1 gp
Total = 2 gp (1 for the component, +1)
Retractable Armblade
One-handed weapon (1d6 +STR Bonus damage) 1 gp
Inconspicuous +1 gp
Total = 2 gp (1 for the component, +1)
Drone Rigger Processor, Basic
+2 DEX, +1 Initiative 3 gp
Direct neural access with a machine or computer +1 gp
Bonuses only apply while connected to a vehicle -1 gp
Total = 3 gp (3 for stat/skill bonuses, +1, -1 Qualities)
+2 Ranged Attack rolls 2 gp
Total = 3 gp (2 for bonus, +1)
Wired Reflexes, Basic
+2 DEX, +1 Initiative 3 gp
Total = 4 gp
Wired Reflexes, Cutting Edge
+4 DEX, +3 Initiative, +1 Dodge 8 gp
Total = 9 gp
Wired Reflexes, Outdated
+2 DEX, +1 Initiative 3 gp
Character is constantly jittery and on edge -2 gp
Total = 2 gp


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