Not just useful for manning or protecting a starship, but hired help can be used to assist with a number of different tasks ranging from getting someone to distract the guards at the front gate all the way up to commandeering a full tactical assault squad. They can be hired at any populous starport in Known Space. Crew are bought with gear points when you buy equipment for a mission.


  • 1gp = 1st level
  • 2gp = 1/2 your level, rounded up
  • 3gp = Your level -1

Obviously, at 1st and 2nd level these points values are somewhat useless.

Number of NPC’s

  • 0gp = 1
  • 1gp = 2-3 (1d2+1)
  • 2gp = 4-6 (1d3+3)
  • 3gp = 7-12 (1d6+6)


  • 0gp = One task only, after that they leave
  • 1gp = 1 combat encounter, after that they leave
  • 2gp = 1 mission


  • 0gp = The clothes on their backs
  • 1gp = Basic Equipment
  • 2gp = Specialized Equipment or a vehicle


  • 0gp = Surly
  • 1gp = Friendly/Professional
  • 2gp = Enthusiastic
  • 3gp = Frothing at the mouth

Example: A Surly (0gp) Crew of 7-12 (3gp) basic equipped (1gp), 1st Level (1gp) space pirates who are needed to help the PC’s capture everyone aboard a Luxury Liner (2gp) would cost 7gp total. They’d try to stick around until the job is done, but they might “tactically” retreat at the first sign of trouble, however.

More reliable, long-term crewmates will have to be gained through roleplaying. Trust and loyalty are earned, not bought, after all.


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